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Twitter Wars: General Hospital Star Donnell Turner In The Crossfire!

General Hospital star Donnell TurnerGeneral Hospital star Donnell Turner

“Soap Twitter” is a fascinating place where warring fan factions let out their frustrations, but also often take it too far. Several General Hospital (GH) fans did that this week.

Sure, it’s fine to argue about storylines and voice opinions, but when it comes to Jason and Sam–and Drew–fans often go over the top.

Several months back, one fan tweeted about Steve Burton dying and others bullied Laura Wright and Bradford Anderson for being on “Jason’s” side.

This time around, Donnell Curtis got caught in the middle of this passionate group of fans when Curtis criticized Jason on Monday as he tried to comfort Drew. As we know, Drew was down, out, and drunk on the docks after Sam confessed to him she still loves Jason.

All Curtis did was try to comfort his friend.

And, remember, this was one character comforting another, with actor’s just playing out what was written on the script. Unfortunately, some fans didn’t see it that way at all.

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While the worst of the tweets has since been taken down, Jason fans were NOT happy to hear what Curtis had to say about their favorite character.

Below is one tweet from an unhappy fan, and then, thankfully, some tweets from people who realize, it’s just a soap and an actor does what he gets paid to do.

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Curtis, I like you but stop trash talking Jason thanks ✋???? @donnellturner1 @1SteveBurton #GH

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