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True Colors: Is Drew A Bad Guy or Good Guy On General Hospital (GH)?

Drew General HospitalDrew General Hospital

Since arriving on the General Hospital (GH) scene three years ago, Billy Miller has played the same character, except several incarnations of the guy.

First, he was Jake Doe, a man with a new face and no memories at all. In fact, he was even an unwitting hit man for Helena Cassadine for a while because of a chip she had in his brain. The audience believed he was really Jason and we were relieved when that “truth” was revealed.

So, Jake became Jason, another unwitting hitman who wanted nothing to do with his former life–and couldn’t even remember it, so he was all Jake to us still. Then, he got Jason’s memories, Sam was thrilled, and yay, Jasam was back.

Of course, now we know he wasn’t Jason at all. He’s Jason’s twin, former Navy SEAL Drew Cain, who still has Jason’s memories, but he also seems to have underwent a personality transplant since the big Jason reveal.

Rather than being sweet, kind, and even happy and smiling, Drew is now angry and miserable–and also quite paranoid. (He also adapted quite nicely to sport jackets rather than a leather jacket.)

Sure, after all he’s been through, this can all be justified, but what if Drew is not what he’s seemed for the last three years at all? Sure, he SEEMED to be Jason, but he was a much more jovial version.

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Now, he seems possessive and angry at the world and it’s hard to believe that his personality can change over night when he still has Sam, still has his daughter, still has his company, and still has plenty of money. Sure, he still has Jason’s memories, and we are not even sure he wants his own.

Or, maybe he has his own memories and he’s just trying to hide that fact to keep Sam. Have they been there all along, or have they just been sparked? And, does he remember something he wants nobody else to know.

We love having Steve Burton back on the scene because we finally get to find out just who Billy Miller has been playing since 2014. We may be seeing his REAL character and it could be a game changer.

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