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Villainous and Vile Valentin: Who Will He Hurt Next?

Valentin on General HospitalValentin on General Hospital

Valentin has been portrayed as possibly the most dangerous Cassadine yet on General Hospital.

For now, he’s reportedly safely behind bars, but what if he gets out and heads to Port Charles? He’s got a long list of people he feels have wronged him. Sure, Ava (Maura West) played him but that doesn’t seem to bother him as much since his interest was low. Soap Hub asked you if Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) returns, which character would be at the top of his hit list.

Claudette and Charlotte
After almost 5,000 votes were tallied, 71% believe that Claudette (Bree Williamson) would be Valentin’s top priority. To hear her talk, he’s already shown he’s a threat – why else would someone like Claudette make sure she disappeared from social media?! She seems like someone who would embrace the selfie even more than Hayden (Rebecca Budig). Valentin obviously has some unfinished business with her – coming to Port Charles, a place where he has ties, might not have been her brightest move when seeking a safe place to hide.

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A Bitter Rival
It seems 21% think Sonny (Maurice Benard) would be at the top of his hit list. After all, it was his confrontation with Sonny that got him the most angry. Sonny stopped him from kidnapping Spencer, destroying his plan to control (or kill) the Cassadine heir. Valentin threatened Sonny’s son Dante (Dominc Zamprogna), and that’s not going to get you in the good graces of the local mob boss. Their hatred is mutual and it could blow up big time should the wayward Cassadine ever darken Port Charles again.

Dangerous Lover
Still, 9% of you think Nina (Michelle Stafford) could be the one in the biggest amount of trouble. Sure, he said he didn’t blame her for turning him in after sleeping with him, but a man like Valentin will have resentment grow while sitting alone in his jail cell with nothing else to think about except how he got there. And she’s the reason! Let us know in the comments if you think someone else should be on this list.

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