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Thowback Thursday: On This Day in GH History…

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Take a step back in “General Hospital” time to this day in 2006 and see what exciting things were happening to your Port Chuck favorites.

It seemed Carly (Laura Wright) had a lot to say then as she has a lot to say now. She read Robin the riot act for destroying lives, but Robin said what happened with Nikolas’s son was actually Carly’s fault. Carly vowed to make Robin (Kimberly McCullough) pay for telling Nik the truth.

Emily, who was seeing Sonny at the time, helped an unsure Nik handle the baby he chose to call Spencer.

Meanwhile, Sonny (Maurice Benard) accused Ric of gaslighting him, as these brothers barely got along. Slimy as always, Ric talked his way out of it–or so he thought. Sonny later asked Max to investigate. When Emily came over, she could tell he’s upset.

Sonny confided in her about his suspicions, but they were interrupted by Mike’s call. He asked Sonny to make an appearance at Bobbie’s welcome home party for the baby – for Courtney’s sake. After some hesitation, Sonny and Emily agreed to go together. However, a panic attack stopped him from entering.

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At the party, an emotional Lesley (Denise Alexander) held the baby and said Laura would be so proud of Nik and his son. Meanwhile, Lucky (Greg Vaughan) pulled Maxie aside and asked for more pills. Maxie did Lucky’s bidding, and he told Liz (Rebecca Herbst) he was doing fine. When Maxie didn’t have enough money, Lucky later showed up just as the drug dealer attacked Maxie.

Although estranged, Jason (Steve Burton) realized Sam was in danger and her fear was real–despite crying wolf about Manny. He took her to the penthouse just to keep her safe. However, they came close to kissing.

Soon, Lainey interrupted to tell Jason that Justus was missing, so he went to search for him. When Jason returned, he told Sam (Kelly Monaco) he thinks Justus may be dead because of him and insisted  Sam has to continue to stay away from him. Later, Diego found Justus’s body inside his car trunk.

Phew! What a day it was in the Chuckles just a decade ago.

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