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Think Of Laura: Is It Time For Her To Return To General Hospital (GH)?

Genie FrancisGenie Francis has played GH's Laura for 40 years.

Laura has a long history of disappearing from General Hospital (GH). When she was a little girl – the pre-Genie Francis years – she ran away from home and ended up joining a cult.

Then, of course, there were the famous Laura and Luke (Anthony Geary) on the run summers – though viewers got to go along for that.

Then she “died” – and apparently dallied with one Cassadine brother while being held prisoner by another. She also gave birth to Nikolas (Tyler Christopher).

A reunited Luke and Laura left Port Charles. Then they came back with Lucky (Jonathan Jackson). Then, Laura kept leaving with baby Lulu. Then she went crazy and was institutionalized. Then… you get the picture.

But her latest departure is a real head-scratcher. Laura just married Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and was running for mayor.

And now she’s off toe Europe to help Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) recover. You know, we may not see it much, but PC does have a hospital. Spencer could recover there, no?

Should Laura return? Here’s how almost 10,000 voters feel:

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Back Where You Belong
It’s barely a contest, as 94% of you insist one half of daytime’s most famous couple ever get back to town, pronto!

Laura has lots of unfinished business with her kids and her husband. Plus, it’s always good to have someone around who can remind us that the Cassadines, no matter how well Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) might sing and play the piano, are not nice people.

Sure, Laura has left town before. But she’s always ended up back home. It’s time she remembers that.

Do whatever you want, 5% of the audience shrugs, Laura was pretty dull the last time she was in Port Charles, you can’t imagine anything more interesting happening were she to return.

Besides, Kevin is acting pretty odd these days. If there is a twin Ryan story in the works, Laura is probably safer with Spencer. The only danger there is getting fed up with his smug and superior attitude.

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