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Think Of Laura: Are General Hospital Fans Excited To See Her Back?

Genie Francis General HospitalGenie Francis General Hospital

After an unpleasantly long European vacation, Laura is finally headed home to General Hospital… just in time to start suspecting that her husband, Kevin, isn’t acting like himself.

That’s because psychiatrist Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) is currently straight-jacketed in a mental institution, while his psycho twin brother, Ryan (also Jon Lindstrom), is in Port Charles pretending to be the good doctor.

So far, only Kevin’s ex-wife, Lucy (Lynn Herring), has twigged to something being off. So Ryan might try to keep his distance from her. But what will he do when Laura (Genie Francis) returns?

Are fans excited to watch this story unfold? Over 6,000 of these folks have some pretty strong opinions on the subject!

We’re so excited, we just can’t hide it, 91% of you are singing from the rafters. There’s been a huge, Laura-sized hole in Port Charles for months, and this Ryan-pretending-to-be-Kevin story can’t really kick into high-gear until Mrs. Kevin returns. (And if Spencer has to be part of the package, so be it.)

Laura has a lot of business to attend to: She has other grandchildren, plus exes and such, but nothing is more important than straightening out this ominous version of The Parent Trap. Let’s get this party started!

It’s only a tiny 9% that’s hedging its bets. You think GH should settle a whole bunch of other tales before diving head-first into this one, plus you don’t trust this group of writers to do the story justice.

Some of you don’t care, you claim you didn’t miss her when she was gone, and the rest of you are hedging that it depends on how it’s written. Another handful would like to see Laura bring Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) back with her, and one person hopes she’ll arrive with… Hayden (Rebecca Budig). WHY? HOW?

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