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The Insider Scoop on General Hospital’s ‘New’ Jake Spencer

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General Hospital gave Franco a proper memorial service yesterday and a few familiar faces popped up for the occasion. In addition to his wife, Elizabeth, his father, Scott, and stepson Cameron, Franco’s other stepsons, Jake and Aiden, were present, too.

General Hospital’s Hudson West Is Growing Up Fast

It’s not uncommon for soaps to age child characters and there was some hubbub on the Internet about the “new” actor playing Jake, the role “last” played by Hudson West. Well, it turns out that West is still playing the part, but as the youngster hadn’t been on the show in a while, viewers weren’t quite sure if it was him or not since he’s been doing some off-screen growing up!

“I certainly shot up over the last year & a half haven’t I? 😊❤️” West’s Twitter account (which is run by his mom) responded to a post.

“Yes you have. You’ll be taller than Becky (Rebecca Herbst, Liz) soon. lol. So great seeing you we need more of you!” replied @sherylsimmons.

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“Please tell everybody it was you on today’s ep. No one believes me. LOL,” posted Angela Durrell AKA @Rowaenthe.

West’s account responded: “Yes, it was me!! I’ve done a lot of growing up the [last] 1 1/2 years😱!!”

According to his IMDb page, the last time Hudson appeared on GH prior to Franco’s service was in December of 2020, and his most recent appearance before that was in December of 2019!

The character of Jake gives taking a break from GH a whole new meaning. Liz’s son with Jason (Steve Burton) “died” in 2011 in a drunk driving accident with Luke (Anthony Geary) behind the wheel, but five years later it was revealed that he was alive and well on Cassadine Island. Helena (Constance Towers) had struck again! West assumed the role in 2016 and has played the part ever since.

As “Jake” had donated his kidney to Josslyn (Eden McCoy), GH opted to reveal who her true donor was and that opened the door for the Nelle (Chloe Lanier) character to come onto the scene and wreak her own special kind of havoc, which is still rippling through Port Charles today! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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