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Thanks For the Memories: Should Drew Go Looking For His On General Hospital (GH)?

Drew General HospitalDrew General Hospital

It’s not just the writers of General Hospital (GH) who forget what happened before. (How did Heather and Scotty conceive Franco before they ever met? The same goes for Lulu and Valentin and Charlotte? How did both Anna and Faison not recall that they slept together? And so on and so on….)

Drew (Billy Miller) doesn’t remember his life before he taken by Faison and then hit by a car and thought – or was convinced – that he was Jason (Steve Burton), either. But should he go hunting for those memories? Over 4,000 fans have lots of suggestions for him:

And the vast majority of those suggestions, i.e. 99%, are YES! Go reclaim your past, Drew!

So far, all he’s learned is that he used to be Franco’s (Roger Howarth) sort of brother, and that he had a brief relationship with Kim (Tamra Braun), that produced Oscar (Garren Stitt).

Both of those aren’t great news, but they’re not too terrible, either. At least, those are memories Drew can live with….

On the Other Hand
A tiny 1%, however, are worried about what else Drew might find. Leave well enough alone, dude. Move forward. You’ve got no reason to look back.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Suggestion Box
Of course then there are also the comments. So. Many. Comments. Some of you say that memories don’t matter, you like Drew just the way he is. (In fact, you’re seriously pissed off that he is no longer with his true love, Sam, and their child.)

You’re also worried that the man he used to be might have been mean. Others see him as a whiner and a jerk to Jason, and figure any new personality must be better than this one.

And then there are those of you who don’t care about Drew, don’t care about this story, and need for him to just get lost.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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