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THANK YOU, GH! Anna’s BACK!!! And Not A Moment Too Soon!

Anna and Alex on General HospitalAnna and Alex on General Hospital

Soap Hub just wants to thank General Hospital (GH) for not forcing us to watch the formidable and indestructible Anna Devane in a hospital bed unable to communicate for more than a few torturous days.

One of the strongest women in soap opera history, Anna (Finola Hughes) is not one to lie down (literally) and take anything from anyone–especially her creepy sister, Alex.

Yes, we truly thought we’d be in for it for weeks when we first spotted Anna in that dungeon-like hospital room last week. When she showed up healthy as can be at the airport, we rejoiced.

Of course, this was the most obvious mystery ever as we KNEW Alex had to be the one who slept with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) the moment he relayed the story to the actual Anna. When “Anna” returned acting cozy and in love with the manipulative Cassadine, it wasn’t hard to figure out that wasn’t Anna at all.

So, leave it up to Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) to spot the problem within three minutes. We almost thought Alex would kidnap a hugely pregnant Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and her daughter, so imagine our surprise (and RELIEF) when Anna showed up to end this nightmare.

Now, we get to see two strong Devane women played by one fantastic actress sparring and battling it out as the Chimera story is resolved. While we’re not thrilled about this whole mythical debacle of a plot, at least Finola Hughes will make it bearable.

So, all hail the greatest female spy soaps have ever seen. Sometimes the world needs some intelligence in the community to save it from traitors–and General Hospital is providing just that.

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