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Temple of Doom: Are Valentin and Nina Through on General Hospital (GH)?

Nina and Valentin General HospitalNina and Valentin General Hospital

They are General Hospital’s (GH) Odd Couple: Valentin, the unloved, formerly deformed, psychotic Cassadine with a weakness for kids and Billy Joel tunes, and Nina, a 20-years-in-a-coma, emotionally-stunted psychotic with a weakness for other people’s kids – and no moral qualms about how she gets her hands on them.

And yet, together, they kind of, sort of… work. In their own dysfunctional way. Is that about to come to an end?

Are Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) doomed? Over 5,000 fans gazed into their slightly cracked – just like the couple in question – crystal ball.

Say Goodbye To Hollywood, Say Goodbye, My Baby
The Billy Joel song says it all, 87% of you weigh in. Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine are dunzo. Especially once Nina finds out about Valentin’s role in the convoluted Peter/Henrik (Wes Ramsey) saga.

That entire sting to lure Faison (Anders Hove) out of hiding led to the death of Nina’s beloved little brother (cousin, whatever), Nathan (Ryan Paevey), and she could never, ever forgive Valentin that. No matter how many stolen surrogate daughters he throws her way.

And Valentin may love Nina, but she is hardly the only fish in the sea. Now that Faison is dead, there is an opening in the Guy Obsessed With Anna (Finola Hughes) department. And Valentin certainly has the resume for the position.

I Love You Just the Way You Are
This is the appropriate Billy Joel song, 12% of the audience corrects. Nina and Valentin knew what they were getting into. They understood each other, they got each other, and they loved each other – just the way they were.

There is nothing Valentin can do at this point that will make Nina change her mind about him, Nathan or no Nathan. And that goes both ways. And since only the good die young, they’re in this for the long haul.

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