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The ‘A’-Team: Will Ava And Carly Join Forces To Stop Nelle on General Hospital?

Carly and Ava General HospitalCarly and Ava General Hospital

It takes ruthless women to know ruthless women, and General Hospital (GH) has surely had their fair of them.

Yes, Carly has mellowed some, and Ava is trying her hardest to mellow because maybe with maturity comes some introspection… but it’s not hard for this pair to pull on their best tricks when someone is crossing them.

Right now, that someone is Nelle. Poor Ava saw something of herself in Nelle and took her under her wing, even giving her a job she wasn’t qualified for. As for Carly, well Nelle is her mortal enemy and for good reason.

Ava is also Carly’s mortal enemy, but now they both have Nelle playing games with them and the young woman probably doesn’t know who she’s dealing with.

When Carly learns Ava has been behind the gaslighting and Ava learns just how much Nelle plans to unwittingly use her to accomplish this–using Morgan’s death of all things–Nelle might be out of a job once again. And, a friend.

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Will the two older women team up to take this deranged young lady down? That’s exactly what Soap Hub asked and more than 5,000 of you chimed in.

Yes, Please
Bring it on, say a whopping 89% of you. Watching Nelle makes you cringe and you can’t wait for her to pay for all the horrific things she’s done. If there’s any two women who can bring her down, it’s Ava and Carly. However, they’ll need to combine forces and work together.

Just Nope
For 11% of you, that just won’t work. If there’s anyone Carly hates more than Nelle, it’s Ava. And, there is certainly no love loss for Ava regarding the woman her pre-schooler calls Mommy. You can see them killing each other trying to bring Nelle down, which will only give Nelle more pleasure.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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