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Better Together? Do Lulu and Dante Need Their Own Story On General Hospital (GH)?

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They’re like ships passing in the night, drifting through the upstate New York waters of General Hospital (GH).

Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) are married. They are co-parenting Rocco, as well as Charlotts. They live in the same house. And yet, doesn’t it feel like they’re not really… together?

Lulu is busy playing reporter and getting yelled at by Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Dante is busy mourning the death of his partner – Maxie’s husband – Nathan (Ryan Paevey), getting used to a new partner, and vowing a vague revenge on those responsible for Nathan’s death.

Those are both worthwhile pursuits. But, maybe things would be better for Lulu and Dante if they had a story…we don’t know… together? Where do over 10,000 fans feel on the subject of reunited and it feels so…

Dante and Lulu forever, 85% of you cheer. And that means them spending time together. On-screen. In front of you.

Maybe Lulu could help Dante in tracking down whichever Faison offspring lead to Nathan getting killed (Although considering the role she played in contributing to the disaster… maybe not.)

They could certainly team up against Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Nina (Michelle Stafford) and even get full custody of Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez).

Or maybe they could just Netflix and chill at home, first with kids, then alone, just the two of them. It’s date night – and you all are dying to be invited!

Lulu is shrill and Dante is a lousy cop. Why should you want to see more of them, together or apart, 14% of the audience dismisses.

Besides, what are they, joined at the hip? Whatever happened to couples having their own lives, outside of the house and the kids?

Dante has a job to do, Lulu has a job to do, and neither one is setting the world on fire these days, either in Port Charles, or with you.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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