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With Steve Burton Suddenly Free, What If Jason Isn’t Jason?

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Sure, it seems far-fetched, but it’s a soap and anything can happen. The thing that kept General Hospital fans from thinking the man who once called himself Jake Doe isn’t Jason after all was Steve Burton’s role on The Young and the Restless. With Burton tied up on another soap, fans have accepted things at face value.

But, with the news that Burton will be leaving Y&R in December, the story possibilities in Port Charles are now wide open. It may be taking a page out of Days of Our Lives’ long-ago plot that Roman Brady wasn’t really Roman Brady, and then went on to call himself John Black for decades, but if it worked for DAYS since the 1980s, it could work for GH now.

If Helena could program the man we now call Jason to do her bidding as an assassin, couldn’t she also program him to have Jason Morgan’s memories? It’s plausible and possible, although it might not be what all fans want. Many have gotten used to the idea of Billy Miller as Jason and adore him in the role.

They also adore him with Kelly Monaco’s Sam. However, Days of Our Lives never expected fans would want Deidre Hall’s Marlena with Drake Hogestyn’s John Black more than they did with Wayne Northrop’s Roman. Could that happen this time? Maybe…maybe not…

Many fans who love Billy Miller concede he’s playing a toned down version of Jason Morgan and some feel he’s a combination of Jason Q and Jason M. They long for that Stone Cold edge that Burton always lent to the role. Imagine if the “real” Jason Morgan returns. What’s a girl named Sam to do? After all, by then she may have already given birth to THIS Jason’s child. It would be the best of both worlds as we get to have both Burton AND Miller in PC.

Of course, this is all speculation and might not happen at all. Perhaps Burton wants to stop commuting from his home in Tennessee to LA and has no desire to do any soaps right now. Or, maybe ABC could make him an offer he can’t refuse…

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Port Charles Commissioner OUT!

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