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Sybil The Psychic Predicts GH Spoilers: Victor Seeks Victory Over All

Sybil the psychic will look into Victor’s future and share what she learns.

GH Spoilers Victor Cassadine Sybil

GH spoilers show that Victor Cassadine is causing trouble for so many in Port Charles, including his own family, but there are several forces in town who would like to do him in before he is able to wreak more havoc. Will he succeed in his latest schemes? It could go either way, but I, Sybil, the Psychic, plan to look into the future to see what’s in store for Victor.

GH Spoilers: Victor Wants Victory At All Costs

By examining the crystal ball, laying out the cards, and reading the tea leaves, I plan to predict what’s in store for Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) as he looks towards increasing the Cassadine fortune, even if it means destroying a few Cassadines in the process.

He has shown how ruthless he can be as he’s essentially kidnapped his granddaughter Charlotte so he could control his son Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) to do his dirty work. Will he succeed? Let’s take a plunge into the unknown to find out.

Near Future

The crystal ball shows that Victor is not going to mellow anytime soon, as he’s already got his eye to the future, with a new scheme he is about to unleash on those not suspecting it. But more and more enemies are amassing to take him down. Will he find this out and come up with a way to turn things around? Let’s see what the cards have to say.

GH Spoilers: It’s In The Cards

Victor pulled The Fool from the Tarot deck, which is a very powerful card that represents an end to one phase and a new beginning for another. It indicates that important decisions are ahead which may not be easy to make and involve an element of risk. If Victor uses care, he could end up with a positive outcome — which won’t be good for others.

Regarding the past, it shows that the risks he’s taken and his original thinking have brought Victor much success. In the present, he is entering a new phase of life, and the experience may be good or bad — but assessing the risks is crucial to making the right choices. As for his future, this card indicates he should shed old habits, and it may be time to create new methods for a new life.

Victor Cassadine: Further Into His Future

In reading these tea leaves, I, Sybil the Psychic, spy an anchor, which can indicate success. But in this case, the anchor is actually blurred, which could mean the opposite. Will Victor’s scheming ways give him the success he craves at the cost of the family he is trying to hold together? Sybil warns him he may have his eye on the wrong prize.

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