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GH Spoilers Speculation: Will Mayor Laura Lose Her Gig?

Are the voters of GH finally fed up?

gh spoilers speculation two images of laura collins.Should Laura Collins remain the mayor?

Despite reading GH spoilers regularly, we’re not sure what the mayor of Port Charles actually does. It’s not crime-stopping, if we judge by how freely Sonny and Selina ply their trade. It’s not improving healthcare.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Has the hospital ever gotten a test right? It’s not education. The citizens of Port Charles make horrible choices on a daily basis. So would it be so terrible if the upstate New York town weren’t governed by anyone at all? Will Laura be removed from office?

So Many GH Reasons

There are many reasons why Laura (Genie Francis) should no longer be mayor. First and foremost, her precious grandson Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) fixed the election, so she never won fair and square. That’s kind of a biggie.

But there is also the fact that she never seems to actually be in her office. Half the time, she’s traipsing about the globe, looking for a long-lost relative or a criminal. Sometimes both. Why are crimes committed outside her town’s borders more important to Laura than the ones committed within them? Shouldn’t she be trying to curtail Sonny’s (Maurice Benard)…ahem…coffee business? Or Selina’s (Lydia Look) gambling dens. Or pointing out that Heather (Alley Mills) couldn’t possibly have committed all of The Hook murders, so, hey, maybe somebody should look into that?

GH Spoilers: Character Over All

Those are all the reasons why Laura should be recalled. But here are two major ones why she won’t be:

First, nobody in Port Charles cares about crime. Or health care. Or education. Well, they care when it applies to them. But no one is exactly community-minded enough to look out for the welfare of others while voting.

And, second, Laura is just too beloved. Sure, she committed a murder or two back in the day, and she spent more time in a mental institution than she did outside of one. But, in between those two events, she and ex-husband Luke (Anthony Geary) first saved Port Charles from the Frank Smith mob (the bad mob, not the good mob like they have now), and then they, along with Robert (Tristan Rogers), saved the whole world from a machine that would have cooled down the weather considerably. (Yeah, thanks for nothing, guys.) Who could vote a heroine like that out of office, no matter how ineffectual she is?

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