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GH Spoilers Speculation: These Two Could Spice Up The Teen Scene

Have we got a new angel and devil for you!

GH Spoilers speculation for the teen scene

GH spoilers tease action on the horizon for Port Charles’ teens, but it’s hard to imagine something new happening when it’s the same four, Cameron Webber, Josslyn Jacks, Spencer Cassadine, and Trina Robinson, constantly spinning around in each other’s same orbit. (We’re not counting Rory Cabrera or Dex Heller because A, We’re not sure they’re here to stay, and B, they’re adults, not teens.) But we’ve got two teens in mind who actually could add something different!

GH Spoilers: Remember Me?

Emma Scorpio Drake (previously Brooklyn Rae Silzer) hung around with Cam (now William Lipton), Spencer (now Nicholas Alexander Chavez), and Joss (now Eden McCoy) when they were all kids, which would make her the perfect addition to their friend group now.

Sure, she’s probably going to college at U.C. Berkley, where her family now lives. But we’ve been told Port Charles University is a school worth giving up Stanford for! So, surely, Emma would be trading up if she were to transfer. Cam and Spencer fought over teeny-tiny Emma. Can you imagine how threatened Joss would be if that happened again? She’s used to being the Queen Bee of their set. And an unhappy Joss makes for a happy audience!

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Something Wicked This Way Comes In Port Charles

Unless Emma takes after her Aunt Alex Devane (Finola Hughes), or her cousin, Peter August (Wes Ramsey), we expect her to be the same sweet girl she was while growing up in Port Charles. (Though not as sickly sweet as her mom, Robin Scorpio [Kimberly McCullough], as no one needs a repeat of that.)

On the other hand, Charlotte Cassadine (most recently Amelie McLain) has never been sweet. And we doubt that time in boarding school away from her doting Papa, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), has sweetened her disposition. We vote to age this pre-teen hellion and allow her to mix with her cousin Spencer and company. Joss thinks she’s such a badass, but she won’t know what hit her when a real bad seed shows her how it’s done!

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