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GH Spoilers Speculation: Nina Takes the High Road

Why Martin has little to fear on GH.

gh spoilers speculation banner over martin and nina.Just wait until Nina learns what Martin Grey has done.

GH spoilers are making viewers worried about what Carly and Sonny will do once Michael spills the tea about Nina being the one to call the SEC about Drew and Carly’s crimes. But there is another layer to this artichoke. With Carly, Sonny, and most of Port Charles piling on Nina for her actions, how will she punish Martin for being the one to out her in the first place?

GH Spoilers Speculation: An Eye for an Eye

In her less-than-sanity-filled days, Nina (Cynthia Watros) had a tendency to go a bit overboard on the revenge thing. Hey, remember when she drugged Ava (Maura West) and cut Avery right out of her? She’s calmed down a bit since then. She will — most likely — only use her words against Martin (Michael E. Knight). But they will be choice words, we suspect.

General Hospital: The Right Land of the Law

Of course, once Nina calms down, she’ll realize that sticks and stones may break bones, but names can never hurt you. She’s too weak to break all of Martin’s bones. And insults will just roll off Martin’s back. You know what won’t roll off Martin’s back?

If Nina files charges to have him disbarred. A lawyer is not allowed to divulge his client’s personal information. Martin divulged his client’s personal information. And to puny Michael (Chad Duell), of all people. He can’t even claim fear for his life. What was Michael going to do, whine him to death? Nina has a solid case to make sure Martin is never allowed to practice law again.

GH Spoilers: Better Than You

But, in the end, the most likely outcome will be that Nina will do nothing. Not because there is nothing she can do. Not because she’s afraid of Martin’s retaliation. But because she’s no longer the woman who cuts babies out of paralyzed women’s bodies.

It’s because Nina has grown. She understands that there is no benefit to wasting energy on making Martin suffer when she should be spending it on making certain Sonny (Maurice Benard) understands why she did what she did. That’s where her future lies.

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