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GH Spoilers Speculation: Jackson Montgomery Falls For A P.C. Lady

Who will get him to relocate to GH?

gh spoilers speculation about pine valley's own jackson montgomery, double image.Could a lady interest Jackson Montgomery to move to Port Charles?

GH spoilers have made it clear that the answer to a Port Charles mystery lies in Pine Valley. So, it’s Lucy and Felicia off to Pennsylvania to snoop around Jack’s office for the answers about Martin Grey. What they found has to do with one of Martin’s ex-wives…presumably, the richest one. But this can’t be the end of Jack, can it? What could possibly keep him on our screens beyond the original mystery?

GH Spoilers Speculation: Single Man

The obvious answer is: A woman. A Port Charles romance would induce Jack (Walt Willey) to visit upstate New York more often. Maybe even stay a while. Now, we know that, on the last episode of All My Children, Erica (Susan Lucci) swore that she wouldn’t rest until she’d gotten Jack back. But, let’s pretend for a minute, that Jack was able to stick to his guns and resist revisiting that toxic relationship. That means he’s single. And ready to mingle. But with…whom?

General Hospital: First Up

Sure, Lucy (Lynn Herring) is hot for Martin (Michael E. Knight) now. But if he can’t marry her because he doesn’t want to give up his alimony, well, then, Lucy is free to do whatever she likes. And if she feels like doing Jackson, well, lucky us viewers!

GH Spoilers: Wing Woman

Of course, the Lucy we know and love would have no qualms about forgoing a wedding ring for a non-stop income of $50K a month. So if she’s not interested in Jack, there’s always Felicia (Kristina Wagner). Yeah, she and Mac (John J. York) say they’re happy. But Mac is no Jack. And Felicia has always had a thing for the lawman…who doesn’t always follow the law.

Jackson Montgomery: What Could Have Been

Anna (Finola Hughes) lived in Pine Valley for years. She and Jack didn’t interact much then. But they were busy. Now that Jack is Erica-free, he might want to take a second look at the most intriguing woman who slipped through his fingers the first time.

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