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GH Spoilers Speculation: Cody Bell Has A New Scheme

Who will he target on GH now?

gh spoilers speculation, double images of cody bell.What will Cody Bell do next?

GH spoilers aren’t hiding the fact that Cody Bell has no interest in going straight. He likes being a schemer and he has no intention of quitting while he’s behind. So what will he do next? We’ve got the inside track for both him and his beloved pet.

GH Spoilers Speculation: Money Troubles

Cody (Josh Kelly) is expecting a major payday as soon as Scott (Kin Shriner) wins his lawsuit against the World Security Bureau for taking a necklace Cody insists belongs to him. He’s hoping for thirty-five million. But he’ll also settle for enough to just pay off Selina (Lydia Look). Maybe if Scott can talk the WSB into settling, rather than dragging their case through a long judicial process, he can collect his share and get out of Port Charles to begin a new life as a mover and shaker.

Cody Bell: Bloom Where You’re Planted

The only thing that might keep Cody in town is if he finally decides to come clean and admit to Mac (John J. York) that he’s his son. Not out of familiar love, of course. Cody had his chance to do that and decided to default to his favorite position – lying. On the other hand, if the WSB money doesn’t come through, Cody may need to turn to dear old Dad. He’ll dub himself a Scorpio not because he wants a father-son relationship, but because he wants a father-son loan.

GH Spoilers: Outwardly Motivated

Then again, Cody is a pretty petty person. While he waits for his money and continues lying to Mac, he can also find time to torture Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs). We’re not saying she doesn’t deserve it, mind you. She’s been horrible to Sasha (Sofia Mattsson). Criminal. Evil. And Cody does have some passing feelings for Sasha. But his strongest feelings are reserved for himself. He does not appreciate Gladys framing him for jewel theft. And that’s where the bulk of his revenge plot will be focused.

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