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GH Spoilers Spec: How Ava Will Get Back At Her Stalker

GH Spoilers: Ava Maura West General HospitalGH Spoilers: Ava Maura West General Hospital

GH spoilers have teased how Ava Jerome Cassadine has been freaking out over her mystery stalker for months now. Viewers were pretty sure the culprit was her obnoxiously entitled stepson, Spencer Cassadine.

GH Spoilers Spec

Now that we know we were right all along, and the stalker turned out to be Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), over 2,000 fans are pretty certain you know how Ava (Maura West) will react to the news:

Lesson Plan

This isn’t Ava’s first time being a target – or her first time seeking retribution. Ava has quite a bit of experience with both. Which is why, 72% of you speculate that Ava will teach Spencer a lesson in her own, unique way. He thinks he has the upper hand. Ava can play hands sheltered Spencer never heard of. She’s going to use the whippersnapper’s own arrogance against him, and definitely make the punishment fit the crime. Maybe remind him he’s only half dishonored royalty – and half common person.

GH Spoilers Spec: Protect and Serve

Ava can handle herself, 20% of the audience shrugs. The person she should really be concerned about is Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla). Ava and Trina have a special relationship, and Ava most certainly wouldn’t want her being played by a guy who was fixing elections while still in middle school. Ava will be focused on protecting Trina. Her own issues she can take care of later.

Father Knows Best

A last-place 8% of voters don’t think it’s Ava’s place to punish Spencer. But you do think she should definitely get Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) to do it. Nikolas’s lax parenting through the years – not to mention the whole playing dead thing – certainly contributed to Spencer becoming the rotten human being he now appears to be (stuff that was borderline cute as a kid doesn’t fly once you’re shaving). He caused this mess, it’s up to him to clean it up. And up to Ava to ensure he doesn’t wuss out – again.

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