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General Hospital Weekly Update: Surprise And Spontaneity


General Hospital spoilers update for December 21 – 25, 2020 reveal questions answered, hidden concerns, and new plans. Maxie and Peter are excited to meet their baby, but since Maxie isn’t due for a while yet, they’ll do the next best thing; find out the gender. The news is sure to bring the two closer together.

Later in the week, you know things take a turn for the worse because Carly becomes worried and instead of letting it out, she hides her concern. What could this possibly be about?

If there are two things in this life we can count on, it’s death and Obrecht always scheming and plotting. She comes up with a new plan, but at what cost?

General Hospital Weekly Recap

A cornered Julian did his best to justify his actions, but Sonny wasn’t interested. Instead, he offered his rival a choice: death or the possibility of continued existence in exchange for ratting Cyrus out to the PCPD. Julian preferred neither of Sonny’s options and he resigned himself to death. When all was said and done, Sonny and Jason realized that the injured Julian had managed to escape. Later, Julian haggled with a stranger and managed to secure a ticket for the last ride of the night to Canada, then he came face to face with Sonny and Jason.

A huffy Jordan tracked down Carly and demanded a face-to-face with Taggert. During her subsequent chat with the undead lawman, Jordan learned that not only did Julian Jerome know that Taggert was alive, but he’s probably the one who ratted the truth out to Cyrus. Back in Port Charles and by sheer coincidence, Portia and Trina arrived at the police station and wound up coming face to face with the man they both thought dead.

At GH, Ryan awoke from his coma but was diagnosed as being in a permanent vegetative state. However, the smile elicited from a venom-spewing Ava seemed to indicate otherwise.

Upcoming GH Teasers

Monday, December 21
Jason has trouble reconnecting with Sonny.
Carly introduces Dante to baby Donna.
Laura scoffs at the notion that she and Cyrus have anything in common.
Peter and Maxie find out the sex of their unborn child.
Finn’s roped into a spontaneous poker game with Chase.

Tuesday, December 22
Diane is called to the PCPD to help a friend.
Nikolas comforts Ava.
Finn opens up to Anna.
Robert catches up with Jackie.
Obrecht comes up with a new plan.

Wednesday, December 23
Carly hides her concern.
Michael takes Lucas by surprise.
Molly and TJ spend Christmas Eve at Curtis and Jordan’s.
Portia gives Curtis advice.
Sasha berates Brando.

Thursday, December 24
Stella is sympathetic.
Sonny reminisces about what might have been.
Carly gives Jason an update.
Michael and Willow grow closer.
Brando has a moment with Josslyn.

Friday, December 25
*Preempted for sports programming

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