General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Update: May 27-31, 2019

Your General Hospital spoilers weekly for May 27-31, 2019, update is here! Catch up on what you missed, get a sneak peek at what’s ahead, and see who won Soap Hub’s weekly cash prize! GH airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for air times.

Weekly Update Transcript
We found ourselves in uncharted territory on General Hospital, and some of what we discovered left us in shock!

Ryan returned with a vengeance, abducting both Scott and Kevin from the Nurses’ Ball… then following Ava to a cabin, where she was waiting with a gun.

The situation actually had some positive tones for Curtis, oddly enough, when he realized that the killer could be a life-saving match for Jordan’s kidney issues.

Elsewhere, Sam got well and truly in over her heard, allowing herself to be drugged and branded by the Dawn of Day cult. There’s something big on the horizon, and next week, we’ll be in its shadow! Here are the spoilers!

Having started to realize that he’s being played, Shiloh works to turn allies against each other, hoping to regain the upper hand in Port Charles. At the same time, Ava focuses on her own plans, biding her time until the moment is right to execute them.

Certain schemes will continue to make Margaux uncomfortable, though… and as she considers them, she feels torn between two competing sides.

Today’s lucky winner is… Shanice Jackson! Congratulations! We’ll be reaching out soon, so keep an eye on your inbox! As for everyone else, don’t worry! You can still win next week! Just share this video with your friends on Facebook, then tune in next Friday to see if we pick your name!

That’s all for now, everyone… but don’t leave just yet! We want to hear from you now! What did you like most about this week? What are you most excited to see next week?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and remember, there’s always more in the way of soap opera spoilers, news, and exclusive updates in our free newsletter. Thanks so much for watching, folks! I’m Pierce Culver, and I’ll see you again soon!

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