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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Is Kim’s Baby Really Named Charlie?

General Hospital Spoilers SpecGeneral Hospital Spoilers Spec

General Hospital spoilers show the end of the road for Julian. What path will he take? Will he be killed (or at least presumed dead) or will he finally get a bit of a happy ending and finally be with Kim?

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If he does end up with Kim, it will probably be off-screen for now as Kim is in Salem going by the name Ava and calling a Titan intern Charlie, rather than Julian. (Actually, Tamara Braun is back playing Ava Vitali on Days of our Lives and it turns out she has quite a connection to a mysterious young man named Charlie.)

When Julian (William deVry) ended up in Kim’s New York apartment last week, he learned from a nanny that Kim had a baby boy but that his name was Andrew and she called him Andy. We all know Kim was desperate to create a replacement Oscar (Garren Stitt) the last time we saw her in Port Charles, but even that replacement wouldn’t have come with Drew’s DNA for a complete match.

If she did indeed become pregnant by ‘Drew,’ that would be Franco’s (Roger Howarth) baby from when he had Drew’s (Billy Miller) memories last year. And maybe that’s what she wanted Julian to think. The nanny did say she told the man who might come looking what Kim wanted him to know. Was telling Julian the baby was named for Drew a way to throw him off the track and believe he wasn’t the father?

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We can definitely see Kim calling this baby Charlie, the nickname she so affectionately called Julian because he owned a bar of the same name. When she left Port Charles, it was Julian who she had planned a life with, but Franco she slept with as she delusionally told herself he was Drew because Franco had Drew’s memories and thought he was him.

Of course, she also slept with Julian in the same time period and may not want the former mobster to know she had his baby, perhaps even for safety reasons. Even she had to know Julian would never be able to stay clean.

Does Julian end up figuring things out and go into hiding with Kim? Or, does he go into hiding all on his own and one day turn up back in Port Charles when Kim does for quite a paternity puzzle. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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