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General Hospital Spoilers Spec: Sasha Confesses To Michael – And Dies

General Hospital Spoilers Sasha and MichaelGeneral Hospital Sasha and Michael

Sasha continues her downward spiral in the latest General Hospital spoilers, as her drug problem continues to rage on. So it’s not a stretch to believe that her addiction could lead to her eventual death. But what if it happens in the most tragic way possible?

General Hospital Spoilers Wild Spec

Right now, Michael (Chad Duell) seems to have put his love for Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) behind him — but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten her or the love he has for her. What could possibly break his heart more than to learn the truth — that she didn’t betray him but rather sacrificed her own happiness so that he could win custody of his son — and have it be too late?

It wouldn’t be too shocking that while high, Sasha blurts out her greatest secret — that she never stopped loving him. Michael would be trying to process that as he sees her in a state he’s never witnessed — completely messed up on drugs. It would be heartbreaking if afterward, she collapsed in his arms and died.

The aftermath could lead Michael down a dark path that causes him to finally embrace his father Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) mobster world, wanting to get retribution against Cyrus (Jeff Kober) for bringing the drugs to town that Sasha got hooked on. So far, Michael has avoided being sucked into Sonny’s and Jason’s (Steve Burton) dangerous life.

But having that happen to the woman he never stopped loving could be just the push he needs to realize he can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. How would Jason and Sonny react? How would Carly (Laura Wright) take it? And what about Willow (Katelyn MacMullen)? Would she want to take her newly-adopted son away from his father?

This is of course just wild speculation but it certainly could lead to plenty of juicy drama. Stay tuned to see if it comes to pass. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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