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General Hospital Spoilers Spec: Pregnant Maxie Learns Peter’s A Monster

Peter and Maxie General HospitalPeter and Maxie General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers tell us there will be much drama when the soap returns to production but is it drama we want? And is it a story that can be saved?

There’s no denying that General Hospital’s Peter is just not a good guy. He sure tries and he even has quite a few key people fooled, but we know it’s all a ruse and he will do just about anything to keep that ruse up.

General Hospital Spoilers Spec: Another Faison Grandson

After all, he is Faison’s son and in some cases, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Anna (Finola Hughes) still believes he is her son but Robert (Tristan Rogers) and fans are pretty convinced he belongs to the villainess Alex, Anna’s twin. After all, they did undergo a memory-transplant experiment that could explain why Anna remembers conceiving and giving birth to Peter (Wes Ramsey). But longtime Anna Devane fans know Anna would never sleep with Faison and give birth to his spawn.

Well, now it looks like Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is pregnant with Faison’s grandspawn — and not from the good son. She already has the good son’s baby. The good son that was killed in part to Peter’s games. Sure, Peter has some warped kind of love for Maxie and will do anything to keep her — but in his mind that means killing people and that’s a problem.

Peter Will Stop At Nothing

He needed to keep Maxie from ever learning he was the one who kept Jason (Steve Burton) locked in a Russian hospital for years, switching him with Drew (Billy Miller). That it wasn’t all his father’s idea, after all. So, what does Peter do? He has Drew killed so he’d never remember and tell the truth.

When Franco (Roger Howarth) ended up with Drew’s memories (something we’d all like to forget), he tried to have him killed too. And Andre (Anthony Montgomery), his “mother’s” best friend and the man who performed the memory transfer. Peter’s version of love is to just rid himself and the world of anyone who could blow his good guy cover.

And now we leave the world of Port Charles for a while to re-visit The Ghost of Nurses Balls Past until GH can start production again with the anvil that Maxie is pregnant with Peter’s baby.

Obsessed With Maxie

Eventually, Maxie is going to learn Peter is not who he says he is and that will not sit well with her at all — but if she learns this while pregnant with his child, it will make things oh-so-much more complicated. What will she do? Will she want to end the pregnancy? Will the pregnancy be too far along by the time she finds out? Will Maxie just end her relationship and pray Peter lets things go?

And will Peter not let things go? After all, she will be carrying his child, which could take his obsession with her to the next level. While we are not happy about this pregnancy here in soap fan land, if it must happen, we hope GH at least gives us the drama we deserve. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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