General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: Could Anna’s Fears Come True?

General Hospital SpoilersGeneral Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 12 promise a day of surprise and suspense in Port Charles. The specter of Ryan being alive hovers over everyone.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree?
And, the idea that Anna’s life has been a lie looks to drive her insane. You won’t want to miss a moment of this emotional episode.

Ever since she learned some of her memories are not her own, Anna (Finola Hughes) has been obsessed with finding out which ones belong to her and which really happened to Alex.

She thought she had this solved, but should have known she could never trust her sister. Instead, Alex left her with a cryptic message about Robert and that made her wonder if Robert (Tristan Rogers)and Alex had slept together at one point.

And, if so, does that mean Robin (Kimberly McCullough) might not be hers? Just the idea of it has Anna jumpy and on edge and Robert notices. He tells her to spill it, but will she do it?

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Anna has always told Robert the truth because he does seem to know her better than anyone and one would hope he’s able to put her mind at ease — and maybe veer her mind in a whole other direction…

The Ryan Mystery
Meanwhile, Finn (Michael Easton) spends some time with Laura (Genie Francis) of all people as she seeks his medical advice.

She wants to know if he thinks Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) can still be alive after all he went through, especially when he’s missing a hand.

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