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General Hospital Spoilers 2-Week Breakdown: Confrontations And Confessions

General Hospital Spoilers December 7 2020General Hospital Spoilers December 7 2020

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for December 7-18, 2020, is here! Find out what Sonny (Maurice Benard), Carly (Laura Wright), Sam (Kelly Monaco), Jason (Steve Burton) and other Port Charles power players are doing this week!

GH Spoilers for December 7-11, 2020

DECEMBER 7, 2020 TV-14-DL
Finn spends the afternoon with Gregory. Michael is relieved. Maxie is anxious to start her life with Peter. Valentin looks to Anna for help. Franco seeks Kevin’s advice.
Episode 14625 AIR DATE: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2020 TV-14-L
Jason enjoys a board game with Danny. Brando attempts to changes Sasha’s mind. Trina looks to Joss to help her find out the truth about her father. Curtis and Jordan have much to celebrate. Sam makes a tough decision.
Episode 14626 AIR DATE: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2020 TV-14-LV
Laura gets an unexpected visitor. Diane uncovers an interesting bit of information about Cyrus. Curtis gets a new lead. Jason’s time with Sam is interrupted by a call from Sonny. Willow and Michael come to a mutual understanding.

Episode 14627 AIR DATE: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2020 TV-14-L
Sam is fed up with Alexis’ tactics. Monica shares the news of Ned’s infidelity. Finn gets caught up in the moment. Dante and Anna catch up over coffee. Scott is surprised to see a familiar face so far from home.

Scott demands an explanation.
Dante seeks Olivia’s advice.
Alexis places her trust in the wrong hands.
Nikolas surprises Ava.
Sam confides in Carly.

GH Spoilers for December 14-18, 2020

Sonny delivers Julian an ultimatum.
Cyrus enlists Brit in her role as GH Chief of Staff for his latest endeavor.
Maxie wants only what’s best for Deception.
Obrecht’s interest is piqued.
Tracy’s plan backfires.

Jordan tells Carly she needs to talk.
Curtis goes undercover.
Martin tells Valentin a fascinating story.
Violet grows curious.
Finn extends an olive branch.

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Jason reaches out to Brick.
Julian is desperate to get out of town.
Laura jeopardizes her well-being.
Ava reaches out to Trina.
Britt corners Nikolas.

Julian solicits the help of a stranger.
Jason clears the way for Sonny.
Portia takes Trina to the PCPD.
Martin makes a startling discovery.
Michael and Chase run into each other at the gym.

Sonny takes control.
Jason is vindicated.
Martin questions Cyrus’s motives.
Curtis feels betrayed.
Carly and Joss have a heart to heart.

General Hospital History

GH made its debut in 1963 and is the second longest-running daytime soap opera in American history. The longest-running sudser is Guiding Light. While it’s not the longest-running sudser, General Hospital is the longest-running soap opera currently on air.

The daytime drama outlasted other soaps to become a mainstay for many households! From Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura’s (Genie Francis) gripping romance and wedding, to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his mobster activities, GH knows how to please their viewers.

Bringing the Drama

More than five decades of gripping drama has kept the daytime sudser on the air as other soap operas were axed. It is one of only four remaining soap operas currently on the air. The other three daytime dramas include Days of our Lives, The Young and the Restless (YR), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). GH airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for air times.

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