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Sonny’s Darkest General Hospital Hour: SUICIDE!

Maurice BenardMaurice Benard

The writing was on the wall in Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Sonny’s guilt overwhelms him, and he needs to do something to relieve his conscience. Carly didn’t go for the idea of a philanthropic effort to help others like Morgan, and he feels he has no place to turn.

Telling Nelle (Chloe Lanier) he’s planning to just leave town doesn’t sound like Sonny at all. He knows no matter where he goes, he’ll always be a sitting duck for some mob rival and so will his family. When he left that note with Carly’s name, it felt ominous.

As Morgan’s funeral approaches next week, it becomes clear Sonny (Maurice Benard) is about to do something rash. According to the November 7 issue of Soaps In Depth, Sonny considers suicide, the same way Morgan (Bryan Craig) did back in February.

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Sonny was there to literally talk Morgan off the ledge, but who will be there for Sonny now that Morgan is gone?
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Robin already talked him out of jumping off a bridge, but Kimberly McCullough’s brief return has already come to an end. Sonny seems to want out of his way of life, but knows it’s impossible to walk away from the mob. In the end, there seems to only be one solution.

“Even if Sonny didn’t want this anymore, he can’t get out,” actor Maurice Benard told Soaps In Depth. “There would be bad consequences. But, I think he feels like if he ended his…continue reading on the next page —>

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