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Son Set: How General Hospital (GH) Fans REALLY Feel About Henrik’s Story!

Anna and Peter General HospitalAnna and Peter General Hospital

On General Hospital (GH), the fact that Peter is really Henrik, the child Anna allegedly had with Fiason, gave up for adoption, and never mentioned – or thought about – for multiple decades has not so much divided the GH fan-base as left them scratching their heads for a variety of reasons.

So what’s the final verdict of this mess of a maternity muddle? Here’s what almost 5,000 viewers had to say:

The biggest problem with the Peter/Henrik (Wes Ramsey) story, 55% of you explain patiently for what feels like the umpteenth time, is that it MAKES NO SENSE.

Why would Anna (Finola Hughes) sleep with Faison (Anders Hove) when she’s said over and over and over again that he and his obsession made her skin crawl?

Why would she be stupid enough to get pregnant? Why would she give it up – to Faison? (OK, so she didn’t know he was going to Faison. But, why would she never think of checking?)

So… many… questions. And not a single sensible answer in the bunch so far.

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Person Of Interest
And yet 44% of the audience finds the ambiguity kind of interesting. You’re still hoping that there will be answers.

And that they will be good. And that everything will click into place and it will all make sense and all the sturm and drang leading up to it will be worth it. Isn’t that what soap operas are all about?

Since You Asked
Finally, 1% have their own ideas of how things should go. You either hate Anna and don’t care what happens to her, or are happy that at least it brought Robert (Tristan Rogers) back.

And then there’s the fan who points out that none of this is any stranger than evil Cassadines trying to freeze the world. When you put it like that….

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