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Soap Opera Lines To Remember: The Week Of June 24 – 28

Soap Opera Classic LinesSoap Opera Classic Lines

The soap opera genre boasts some of the most outstanding dialogue of any television genre. From the hilarious to the profane, to the tender and the curt. From declarations of love to moments of deep reflection and recollection of long-forgotten history.

Below, Soap Hub brings you a sampling of some of the best dialogue heard this past week from your favorite soaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful

That’s Quite A Rap Sheet
Bill: Thomas has skated close to the edge more than once.
Broke: Yes, especially when it comes to Rick. He set his house on fire. He blew up his car. Thomas took Rick, and he threw him through a plate-glass window, for God’s sake!

Put The Fear Of God Into Them
(Zoe, Xander, and Flo debate Thomas’s power of persuasion)
Zoe: We all saw first hand how persuasive Thomas can be when he really wants to be.
Flo: “Persuasive” is putting it mildly. I don’t know about you, but I still get chills every time I think about how he was threatening us.

Days of Our Lives

Pop Quiz
Xander: Why are you treating me like an enemy? We’re colleagues.
Kate: Can you even spell it?
Xander: When you go low, I go high, and in response to your hostility, I’ll be kind.

Spot On Impersonation
(Kristen, as Nicole, does the perfect impersonation of Eric)
Kristen: “Oh, I don’t know if I’ll be a great dad, and I’m the drunk that killed Daniel – And oh, now I got so scared from that stupid letter that I gave Nicole’s baby to Chloe, that stupid bimbo, and I let Holly move into the DiMera mansion where she might be kidnapped by a drug cartel and blown to bits. So what?!”

Cat Scratch Fever
(Sami have some strong words for “Nicole”)
Sami: …I get it. Grief does crazy things to people, but unbelievably, grief has made you an even bigger bitch……When Eric told me that he’d finally, finally, given up on any sort of future with you I celebrated. I celebrated the fact that he was finally going to be free of your baby-stealing, child-snatching, soul-sucking drama!

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Blood Thirsty
(Kristen wants details about Ted’s last moments alive)
Kristen: Did Pepe Le Pew beg for his life?
Xander: Oh, you should have seen him. He was whimpering like a little girl.
Kristen: Oh, that is glorious. Sexist but glorious.

General Hospital

Julian: DNA doesn’t make you a father, okay? What makes you a father is changing diapers, being there for nightmares, ear infections, bedtime stories – that’s what makes you a father.

The Young and the Restless

Real Talk
(Nicholas and Victor share a joke and truly reconnect)
Nicholas: Man if I had a nickel for every time you admitted that you were wrong…
Victor: You would have had 5 cents.

Nicholas: You’re my dad. And I love you. It’s not because you haven’t done anything wrong, because you have. Or because you haven’t hurt me, because you have. It’s because you have given this family everything you have to give…

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