Should Stephen A. Smith Ditch Genoa City For Port Charles?

Stephen H. SmithStephen H. Smith

Real men watch soaps, as has been proven throughout the years by everyone from Wayne Gretzky to Snoop Dog (Lion?).

Which is why it’s no surprise that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith not only wrote the foreword to Eric Braeden’s new book, but even invited The Mustache on his show to talk about it.

During that appearance, Braeden, referencing Smith’s periodic General Hospital appearances, told the First Take host that he was on the wrong show – Braeden wants to see Smith on The Young and the Restless! Should he do it? Almost 3000 viewers weighed in:

Hospital Stay!
Who wouldn’t want a mob surveillance expert named Brick on their side? And who wouldn’t freak at the prospect of losing him?

It isn’t just Sonny (Maurice Benard) who would miss ol’ Brick, it’s 47% of viewers, who voted that Smith should stay in Port Charles where he belongs. Those people need a lot of watching over.

But Just In Case You’re Feeling Restless….
Then again, maybe Victor would pay more. And in money you could actually report, instead of a suitcase full of cash hidden under a bush. (Though being able to pay taxes is rarely most people’s reason for switching jobs).

Victor could probably find something for Smith to do, so 39% of you would be perfectly happy to welcome him to Genoa City.

Community Property
It’s not like Brick is a front-burner player in Port Charles. He only pops up when Sonny needs him. He definitely plays second-fiddle to Sonny’s women and children first drama.

There’s no reason why Smith couldn’t split his time between the two shows, and 14% of you are open to the idea of his getting Young and Restless in between checking into General Hospital. Heck, he can even keep his little sporty, day job. Soap fans are not selfish people.

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