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Should Nik Work With Cyrus To Protect Alexis on General Hospital?


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Alexis is off to prison on General Hospital, and her nephew, Nikolas, makes a deal with the devil, AKA Cyrus, to keep her safe. But is it a fair trade?

General Hospital Polling

Laura (Genie Francis) certainly doesn’t think so! Is it time for Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) to back out and find another way to protect his aunt from the evil Hilda and more? What almost 4,000 viewers would like to see happen:

Digging Through the Ruins

In the real world, you’d think that the scion of an internationally feared family would wield more power than a small-time mobster who doesn’t even control the town he’s currently squatting in. But you would be wrong.

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Cyrus (Jeff Kober) is the main man here, and a majority 64% of you think that Nikolas is just stomping into areas he knows nothing about – and will only end up making a bigger mess for everyone concerned, including Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

The Real Power

A smaller 32% of the audience agrees and urges Nikolas to go to the real power in town, Jason (Steve Burton), for help. You’re, honestly, not exactly sure why he didn’t go to Jason in the first place. Cyrus is a stranger. Jason was Alexis’s son-in-law and is the father of her grandson, Danny. Wouldn’t he want to help keep her from being stabbed with a shiv? Or wearing unattractive prison grey?

Friend In Need

Alexis needs Cyrus’s help, 4% are forced to agree, so Nikolas had better do whatever is asked of him. After all, it’s not like Cassadines can just accept their punishment like regular people. They don’t know how to live without pulling strings and getting special favors.

Enduring jail time is for the little people (like paying taxes), and Alexis can’t be expected to actually face the consequences of her actions. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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