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Should Liz Give Up Franco Now That There’s an Extra Jason on General Hospital?

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On General Hospital (GH), Liz is rarely happy unless she’s in a love triangle.

She started as a bad girl (smoking on her first day in Port Charles!) who wanted to get Lucky away from her sister, Sarah. Then, once Liz actually had Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), she cheated on him with Jason (Steve Burton). And Nikolas (Tyler Christopher).

These days, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is a one-man woman. Alas, that man is Franco (Roger Howarth).

But — what’s this now? — did you say we’re heavy a Jason? Or, at least, someone who looks like Original Recipe Jason? Does that mean there are finally enough Jasons to go around for both Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Liz?

What should the queen of tripleplays do? Over 7,000 viewers weren’t shy with their suggestions.

Man Trouble
No, no, no, no, 41% of you are tripping over each other to insist that Liz should be kept away from Jason at all costs. Not that you want her with Franco, either. Though, in the interest of keeping her from once again falling for the stone-faced hitman, you’re willing to settle for Franco.

Franco, My Dear
Then again, another 41% (there was literally only a few votes difference), want Liz away from Jason because you believe Franco is Liz’s soulmate. You know, should we really be splitting hairs like this? A killer is a killer, after all, and if that’s Liz’s type… go, girl. Be happy!

Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You
And there’s the minority 17% that’s asking, “Franco Who?” Jason and Liz are meant to be together, along with their son. Sam is busy sobbing over the comatose impostor. Let her keep JaMiller and their daughter (forget Danny), and give Liz JaBurton. Everybody wins!

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