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Should General Hospital (GH) Have Fired Rebecca Budig?

General Hospital, Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Budig is on her way out of Port Charles as Hayden Barnes/Rachel Berlin (for the second time). But did General Hospital (GH) make a mistake letting the popular star go?

Over 9,000 viewers weighed in, and their opinion is practically unanimous.

Hayden On To a Prayer
A big mistake, scream a whopping 97% of you! Huge! Rebecca Budig is a massive asset to the show, and Hayden was just getting started as a character.

Making her Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) sister was a great way to tie Hayden to the canvas. As Jeff Webber’s long-lost, wrong side of the blanket daughter, she is the bastard child of the bastard child of the late Steve Hardy (John Bernadino). That makes her Port Charles royalty!

She survived a coma to come back, guns blazing. Her relationship with Finn (Michael Easton) has won over even those who find him insufferable, plus the baby she’s carrying is related to practically everyone in town.

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Why in the world get rid of her now?

Of course, a tiny minority, 3%, never really warmed up to Hayden. Maybe it’s due to her lies about being married to Jason (Billy Miller) — back when he still thought he was named Jake.

Maybe it’s because she’s evidence of upstanding Dr. Jeff Webber being a cheater. (Then again, he wasn’t all that lily-white, even when played by a pre-MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson.)

Maybe it’s because her snark can get grating and her attempts at vulnerability fall flat. You don’t buy this bad girl’s redemption, and rather than watching the show try to shove her down your throats, you’d rather she hit the road… and didn’t come back no more, no more, no more.

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