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Should Nelle and Ava Be General Hospital’s (GH) Thelma and Louise?

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When Nelle first showed up on General Hospital (GH), she was a chip off the ol’ Carly. The two had so much in common, it seemed inevitable that they were either related — or destined to be besties.

But then Nelle (Chloe Lanier) faked having slept with Sonny (Maurice Benard), and started dating Michael (Chad Duell), and, well, those BFF bracelets with Carly (Laura Wright) were a non-starter.

Now that everyone has turned against her, Nelle seems destined to remain the pariah of Port Charles. Except there’s another woman currently flirting with that title: Ava (Maura West). Should the pair of scheming blondes join forces? Here’s what over 6,000 Friendsters had to say.

Button Down the Hatches
Yes, exult 54% of you. What could be more perfect? Ava’s daughter, Kiki (Hayley Erin), isn’t interested in learning at the knee of the master. She wants to be good and noble and boring. Nelle would make the ideal protégé for Ava. She could learn machinations she never dreamed of, and Ava would have somebody to admire her.

This is a friendship that needs to happen, if only so that Sonny and Carly’s heads could explode even more at the thought of the woman carrying their grandchild (maybe) teaming up with Avery’s mother. The two could go Kate and Allie, raise their babies together, and cut the Corinthoses out entirely!

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Ava and Nelle joining forces is way too much, according to a disapproving 46% of the audience. The two are trouble enough on their own, Nelle and Ava working together could be toxic.

The last thing Nelle needs is to hear tips on how to win Michael back from Ava, the woman who meddled with Morgan’s medication. Besides, if Nelle befriends Ava, she’ll give up any shot of ever getting back into Sonny, Carly, and Michael’s good graces.

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