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Maybe Shazam For JaSam! Is It Time For This Story To Move Forward on General Hospital?

Jason and Sam General HospitalJason and Sam General Hospital

When Real Jason returned to General Hospital, there were those fans who wanted him and Sam to reunite right away, there were those who wanted them to take it slow, and there were those who preferred her with Replacement Jason, a.k.a. Drew.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) originally opted to stay with Drew (Billy Miller). But that fizzled out, eventually. JaSam 1.0 cheered. Except that… nothing much happened afterward.

Jason (Steve Burton) was too busy obsessing over Carly (Laura Wright), while Sam was too busy… uhm… being too busy to take care of her kids.

Should something happen between them? Soon? Here’s how almost 9,000 want to see this play out.

Get the Lead Out!
Please, yes, 86% of you shout. This has been torturous. And tedious. What was the point of bringing Original Jason back if he and Sam were just going to have polite conversations… and no sparks? They’re Port Charles’ hottest couple. They’d better get a move on and start acting like it!

Take It Slow
There’s something to be said for the slow burn, 13% counter. If Sam and Jason just jump back into bed together, you’ll be cheated of the courtship, and the drama, and the tension.

And that’s what soaps do best! If Jason and Sam are destined to get back together, let them do it the old-fashioned way. Let them earn it.

Last Words
We’ve got a split decision here for the 1% left. One fan wrote: YESSSSSSSSSS. Another wrote: NOOOOOOOO. At least we know they’re passionate enough to write in ALL CAPS. There’s also:

Jason and Liz!
Jason and Carly!
Sam and Drew!

Plus a couple of Don’t Really Cares, and I am sooooooooooo over them. (No caps, this time, but many vowels.) So, what can we determine from all of the above? Fans have some strong opinions. Which is always good news for any show.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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