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The Secret to Why Every GH Actor Wanted to Work With Tony Geary

Crystal Carson with Tony GearyCrystal Carson with Tony Geary

Actress Crystal Carson (ex-Julia) spoke with Soap Hub recently and shared what it was like to act with General Hospital’s legendary Tony Geary (ex-Luke/ex-Bill).

The actress, who now a drama coach, shared her take on what it was sharing scenes with the most famed GH actor of them all.

“The weird thing about acting, when actors are really allowing the character to get into them, and they allow themselves to feel what the character feels, it’s all very honest because you make up a history for yourself and you allow yourself to feel these feelings,” shared Carson.

“Actors have a tendency to fall in love when the characters fall in love. I wasn’t as in love with Tony [Geary] as Julia was in love with Bill [Eckert], but working with him, I feel such love in my heart when I think of him.”

An Actor’s Actor
“Working with him was incredible because he elevates every actor he works with. He’s so present; he absolutely has all of his attention on you and allows himself to believe whatever you do and because of that, it makes you feel all that much more like the character.

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He stays inside the story so much that it’s like he creates this other world that exists all around him, about 9 feet all around him and you walk into that 9 feet and you can be the worst actor on the planet, but you step right into his world and suddenly you become the character.”

A Higher Class
Tony’s so easy to work with,” she shared. “He makes you brilliant. There just aren’t that many actors like that. I’ve coached Jennifer Beals [star of Flashdance], but she has that quality.

It’s like a kinesthetic energy around her of whatever world she puts herself into and when you’re around her, actors are uplifted. She almost does all the acting for you — and he’s like that.” It’s no wonder so many actors wanted to work with him.

“On some level, I was just mad for him. When he broke Julia’s heart, I knew I wasn’t going to get to work with him anymore, and I moved over to other storylines that were fabulous too, but I knew I was going to miss him and it broke my heart.”

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