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Sam I Am: The General Hospital Hapless Heroine Is Off To Find Herself! Thank Goodness!

Sam General HospitalSam General Hospital

Sam loves Jason. Sam loves Drew. But Sam, now it’s time to be you. It’s been Jason for Sam for so long on General Hospital (GH) that it was even Jason when it was Drew.

As long as Sam (Kelly Monaco) thought she had Jason (Steve Burton), she was ok. And finally, she’s not sure if she’ll want either Jason, although one is Drew (Billy Miller).

Seriously, Soap Hub has been saying for months that Sam needs a vacation with no men around. We also thought she’d go kidless since her kids spend so much time with their grandmothers anyway, but hey, guess what? They’re going with her.

Sam just gets to be a mom with her kids with nobody trying to pry her in one direction or another. How many moms can say they have that? And also, how many moms can say they can take off work with their endless supply of funds and go visit a beach, if that’s where Sam chooses to go?

Sam can finally breathe a sigh of relief because nobody is telling her what to do, looking over her shoulders, or treating her like a possession.

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She can think and when someone male is always on your case about something, who the heck has time to think?

Maybe she’ll absolutely love going it alone, just being a mom and doing her thing. Or maybe she’ll realize she liked the safe life with Drew or the adrenaline rush she always got from being with Jason. Or maybe she’ll truly say onto the next chapter and whatever those men do, let them do it without her even if they beat each other up.

Will each one be there for her if she chooses them? You betcha. And that’s why Sam has the best of both worlds. Now, go get ’em, Tiger, and maybe you can even try wearing a pair of flats to make a true new you forever.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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