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Robert to The Rescue? Fans Pick Anna’s Savior on General Hospital (GH)

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Poor Anna is locked in a dungeon-like hospital, apparently put there by her crazed sister, Alex, and another mad doctor on General Hospital (GH).

Someone needs to help her and fast before Alex completely takes over her life. While Anna can usually fend for herself, it looks like she’s been drugged to the hilt–on top of her cancer diagnosis that has her more down and out than she’s used to.

Soap Hub asked who you think will come to Anna’s rescue in the end, and it seems to always come down to one person for PC’s Wonder Woman.

Back To The Beginning
Out of about 5,000 votes, nearly half of you, 49% to be exact, want Robert (Tristan Rogers) to swoop in from wherever he is these days and get Anna (Finola Hughes) out of that hospital bed ASAP.

He’s always been the one there for her in the end and his WSB skills could certainly come in handy at the moment.

Action Griffin
Strangely, 22% of you want to see Griffin (Matt Cohen) pull off Adventure Griffin like he did in March when he fended off Olivia and tricked her into thinking he was Duke resurrected from the beyond.

What do you think? Post a comment!

You know he has more than just that kind and priestly (literally) doctor in him and want to see more action from the man some still think is Anna’s son.

Valiant Valentin
Coming in a close third with 21% of the vote is Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Right now, he doesn’t know what to make of Anna because…well, this woman he is with is not Anna, it’s Alex.

He thinks she is up to her old tricks but it’s actually Alex’s old tricks and she’s likely the woman he slept with all those years ago.

Give Him A Story
A very small 9% of you are still pulling for an Andre (Anthony Montgomery) and Anna romance although it doesn’t seem the writers want to go that way at all. You want him to show Anna what he’s made of while giving him a storyline to boot.

Personally, Soap Hub would like to weigh in here and offer our thoughts on who Anna REALLY needs. Oh, paging Dr. Hayward. She is in a hospital, after all? Who better to rescue Anna than her very own doctor ex-husband.

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