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Rewriting Devane History AGAIN? Would Anna REALLY Sleep With Faison On General Hospital?

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Didn’t we just go through this under a year ago on General Hospital (GH)? Remember when we were all up in arms because the soap changed Anna’s history to say she was NOT a virgin when she first slept with Robert because she did the deed with Valentin while training for the WSB?

Then, we all breathed a sigh of relief when we learned, yes, Anna (Finola Hughes) was a virgin, the history written for her back in the 80s was allowed to stand, and all was right in the Devane world again. All because it was Anna’s twin, Alex, who really slept with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and not the actual Anna.

Well, we’re back to Anna not being a virgin again because it turns out she slept with Faison (Anders Hove) while at the WSB Academy because of her ambition.

OK, let’s press the pause button and take a step back here. Who’s zoomin’ who, GH? After decades of Anna being (understandably) disgusted by Faison, we learn Anna voluntarily slept with him to get all his secrets and move ahead with the WSB way back in the day.

Last week, we thought MAYBE Faison sexually assaulted Anna when we learned she had his child, but her story today with Valentin doesn’t make it seem that way. She knew exactly what she was doing.

That goes against established show history for the second time in under 12 months, plus goes against character for Anna completely. How can we ever believe that Anna slept with a man she reviled for the majority of her history on the show? She even confirmed today she reviled him when she slept with him and that just is not Anna.

As interesting as it may look on paper, we’re not buying this story at all. This is not Anna Devane and this is certainly not a character a soap should be messing with.

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