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Waffling Curtis Ashford Moves Back In With Portia

The GH recap for May 25, 2023, has Curtis forgetting all about that kiss with Jordan.

curtis ashford picking portia for now on the general hospital recap for may 25 2023.Curtis Ashford made Portia a happy woman.

The General Hospital recap features Curtis Ashford proving he goes whichever way the wind blows.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Curtis showed that he has no idea which woman he really wants while Portia and Jordan pined for him. Sonny told Carly about his engagement as Nina tried to find another way to make sure Carly goes to jail. Finally, Molly broke down crying in front of her mother and sisters while TJ had Aunt Stella there for comfort. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Curtis Ashford Needs To Be Single

Jordan (Tanisha Harper) was ready to tell Portia (Brook Kerr) that she kissed Curtis (Donnell Turner) the other night when the man himself walked off the elevator. After some small talk, Portia was called away leaving Curtis to warn Jordan not to tell Portia anything about said kiss.

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Anna (Finola Hughes) also happened to be in the hospital for her phlebotomy so Jordan confided in her friend rather than her frenemy. Anna wondered what Jordan and Curtis’s kiss meant, but not even Jordan knew. Anna tried to give the best diplomatic advice, but Jordan felt this was an impossible situation in which someone would get hurt.

General Hospital: Curtis Ashford Makes His Choice

Meanwhile, Curtis finally decided to have a talk with his wife. Curtis didn’t want to leave anything between them unsaid. He was tired of being in limbo and Portia wondered if he was forgiving her or officially ending their relationship. It turned out that the kiss with Jordan meant nothing to Curtis cause he was willing to give his marriage to Portia another shot. He wanted to take things slow, so he’d be moving into the guest bedroom at first, but that was good enough for Portia for now.

GH Recap: Sonny Explains All To Carly, Nina Doubles Down

Sonny (Maurice Benard) wanted a chance to tell Carly (Laura Wright) about his engagement, but first, he had to spend some time with Donna. When Donna left the kitchen, Carly told Sonny she already knew his news cause she was at the Metro Court and saw him and Nina (Cynthia Watros) celebrating the night before. Carly pretended not to be bothered but Sonny insisted that they talk. He was worried that the SEC was going after Carly to get to him.

Carly still believed that Ned was the culprit but also explained that Diane wanted her to give the feds evidence against Sonny. Surprisingly, he told her to do it and he’d just fight the charges. Carly was completely against the idea but was considering turning on Drew.

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Nina told Ava (Maura West) the only way she knew of to get Carly out of her life was to make sure the SEC charges would stick. Ava still thought Nina was playing with fire. Nina just wanted to know why Carly got the storybook ending while she was left with nothing.

Ava just didn’t think that Nina should ruin her own life just to send Carly to prison. She just wanted Carly to be out of her way for a bit so she could have a relationship with Willow. So, Nina’s bright idea was to try to get Carly and Drew to believe that one would turn on the other but admitted it would be easier to get Drew to turn on Carly.

General Hospital Recap: Molly’s Sad Plight

TJ (Tajh Bellow) was sick with worry about Molly when Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson) dropped by for a visit. He was thrilled to see her and told his aunt what was going on with Molly so Stella offered to be a shoulder to lean on. TJ worried he kept sticking his foot in his mouth with Molly so Stella reminded him this wasn’t 100% about him as Molly was the one with the diagnosis. Stella explained that Molly was a woman who had to let go of a dream.

Molly (Holiday Mia Kriegel) arrived at Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) house and broke down sobbing. Sam (Kelly Monaco) was worried when Alexis asked about her doctor’s appointment and test results. Molly told her mother and sisters that she definitely has endometriosis and she couldn’t have a child. Kristina (Kate Mansi) tried to remain optimistic and discuss her options but Molly didn’t want to hear it and ran from the room. Alexis went after Molly, leaving Sam and Kristina alone, so Sam apologized for criticizing her about her shelter project.

Sam went on to explain Molly’s mindset because she had also been in the infertility boat. Kristina had to understand that the typically-rational Molly may be irrational for a while.

Outside, Alexis and Molly talked with Molly admitting how overwhelmed and out of control she feels. Alexis assured Molly it wasn’t her fault but Molly worried she had screwed up with TJ. She didn’t mean to get super defensive and run off but she needed to get away and have other people to talk to.

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