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Sonny Tries To Comfort A Completely Distraught Nina Reeves

The GH recap for January 26 2023, features Nina hearing the last thing she wanted to hear.

general hospital recap nina reeves breaks down in the general hospital parking lot with sonnyNina and Sonny

The General Hospital recap features Nina Reeves getting news she wasn’t prepared to receive, one couple sticking a fork in it while a couple of others move forward, and so much more.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In addition to Nina (Cynthia Watros) breaking down, Cody makes a connection that involves his new friend Sasha, Drew makes his feelings clear to Carly, Trina questions Spencer’s motives, and Brook Lynn and Ned visits Willow and Michael and proves that the Quartermaine family sticks together during rough times. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Nina Reeves Receives Her Fake Daughter’s Help

Nina is a mess despite Sonny trying to distract her. Luckily, he called in reinforcements — Sasha (Sofia Mattsson). Sasha said she heard from Willow, and then Nina asked what Willow said about her. Sasha admitted Willow is struggling. Nina is worried about whether she’ll be a match. Nina recounted all the blows she’s been put through, all the way back to losing Sasha as a daughter but gaining her as a friend. Sasha told her to show Willow the Nina she’s come to love — time is precious and worth it. Sonny returned and he told them that Willow encouraged him to reconnect with Michael, which gave them all hope for Willow and Nina. The lab called for Nina — the results were in on whether or not she was a match.

GH Recap: All About Willow

Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) tells Michael (Chad Duell) she’s scared as they wait for the test results. Brook Lynn and Ned went to visit Willow individually but saw each other there. She warned him to be nice. They brought her pictures Wiley made and she noted how Chase and Sasha stopped by earlier but apologized when she saw Brook Lynn’s reaction. Ned and Michael left for the cafeteria so the women could talk. Willow asked how she was holding up. Willow advised her not to give up–miracles happen every day.

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Michael thanked Ned for coming but he said he didn’t come just for Willow. Ned said he’s sorry about the past tension and no matter what happens in business, they are first and foremost family.

Nina arrived and broke the news to Willow that she wasn’t a match. She then left the hospital and broke down in Sonny’s arms, saying she wasn’t sure she could survive losing another child.

Earlier, Sonny and Sasha consoled Michael after telling him the news about Nina. He went to see Willow and she worried they were out of options. Michael refused to believe that. Down the hall, Sasha and BLQ worried about how Chase would handle the news and both decided to call him at the same time.

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Drew (Cameron Mathison) opened the door of the carriage house to Carly (Laura Wright), who was looking for Wiley. When she learned he wasn’t there, she turned to go but Drew asked her to stay. They talked in circles about honesty, but then she got specific and asked what he really thinks about what she did. She apologized for all she did to him, saying the last thing she wanted was for him to not trust her. He appreciated that she urged Nina to get tested and told her the truth. But she wants to know where they stand. He said he can’t do this again. He may seem easygoing, but he has limits. But then he said in the future, they can’t lie to each other. She jumped on his saying “future” and she said she was willing to try if he is and he said he was. She then asked him to come back to her house, which he did. They finally made love.

General Hospital Recap: Beware Selina Wu

Cody (Josh Kelly) and Selina (Lydia Look) talk and she compliments his play and his recent loss. He knows she was no fan of Britt but she says at the end, they came to an understanding. He was snarky about how she was choked up and she explained people show their emotions in different ways, pointing to his drink. She then left him to approach Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) and told her it was time to cover her debt. She owes the house $175,000 — Selina has an MBA in finance, after all. Gladys admitted she doesn’t have that kind of cash but she could take her son’s garage. Selina asked if she was the owner and she said, depends on what you mean by owner. Gladys said they’re in the process of selling it and she’ll just give it to her. She admitted that she makes financial decisions for her daughter-in-law. Cody overheard and saw trouble. He confirmed it by asking Selina Gladys’s last name — Corbin.

Nearby, Mac (John J. York) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) enter and he hates seeing his “not” son with that woman he warned him about. She compliments him on what a good mentor he is and a father figure and there’s no reason he can’t continue with Cody. He insists he simply warned him about Selina. They approached Cody and gave condolences about Britt. He thanked Mac for having Felicia break the news. They asked him to join them but he begged off and they asked if they’ll see him at Britt’s memorial tomorrow. Felicia said it might bring closure.

General Hospital Recap: Getting Vulnerable

Trina (Tabyana Ali) finds out Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) wants to raise his sibling and while her first impulse was to laugh, she listens to his reasons. He goes off on how horrible both Esme and Nikolas are, and she can tell his mind is made up. She warned him his father won’t give up without a fight and he said Ava was his secret weapon, surprising her. She said it’s not her place to weigh in, but he said her opinion matters to him. She said she doesn’t think he’s ready to be a father.

Trina brought up how it would affect his relationships and he asked if it would change how she felt about him. He asked her what is going on between them? Pretense? They text all the time. She said it may not just be play-acting for her. He asked why she didn’t say anything and she said he burned her. He promised to never hurt her again. She told her mom that he has grown up and changed. He appreciated that she noticed. She hoped he felt the same way and he said she had no idea as he beamed at her lovingly. He asked if he had her support and she said she was proud of him for stepping up.

Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) brought Ava (Maura West) their divorce settlement papers to the bar at The Metro Court, saying he gave up the only thing he cared about. Ava said he never owns his mistakes but he pointed to the papers. She said that was with his arm twisted. She called him weak and wondered what she ever saw. He said they saw each other, beat the odds — and he can’t believe the love is gone. Ava says, “I hold our love in the same esteem you held my dignity.” The papers looked in order and she was surprised no counter — was there something he wanted from her? He wanted her to listen. She said she didn’t owe him anything. Nik insisted there’s more to the story, outside forces at work, and one day she’ll understand. He insisted their love story isn’t over…and he promised he’d wait for her. Ava almost believed him — but she won’t make that mistake again.

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