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Sonny Corinthos Couldn’t Care Less That Joss Is Dating Dex

The GH recap for April 10, 2023, has Josslyn realizing Sonny has bigger concerns than her love life.

the general hospital recap for april 10, 2023, has sonny corinthos knowing all about everyone.Sonny Corinthos didn't care that Joss and Dex are dating.

The General Hospital recap features Sonny Corinthos admitting he knows all — and Josslyn was the most shocked of anyone.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Sonny Corinthos nonchalantly told Josslyn and Dex that he’d known they were together for months, thus ending any reason for them to hide their relationship. Sonny also surprised Nina with the news that he knew Valentin was alive all along. As for Valentin, he finally had the reunion he’d been waiting for. Poor Esme was beside herself with worry about her baby while Spencer wondered why his uncle would kidnap him. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Sonny Corinthos Knows All

Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Dex (Evan Hofer) tried to have a romantic moment as the ball came to a close, but Sonny (Maurice Benard) interrupted them and asked why he keeps finding them together. Sonny then admitted that he knew they were together for months but was angry that Dex never told him. If Dex had not proven himself at the warehouse, he would have been angrier, but he was more concerned that Carly (Laura Wright) was in the dark. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) assured Sonny that Carly knew about her love life, and Carly later confirmed that info.

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As soon as Nina told Carly that nobody could find Liesl (Kathleen Gati), Carly began yelling at Nina as if it was all her fault. Sonny soon showed up and told them that Dex was looking for Liesl, but when Drew arrived to announce Anna had been shot, Nina was shocked to learn that Sonny gave Vanna and Lucy (Lynn Herring) a safe house. Nina was thrilled her ex was alive, but she couldn’t believe all this was happening without her knowledge. She then remembered the time Carly warned her she didn’t have the stomach for Sonny’s business.

Dex later returned from his search for Liesl and handed Nina a charm belonging to Britt (Kelly Thiebaud). This caused Nina more worry than ever as it started to dawn on her that maybe Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) was responsible for taking Liesl, as well. She asked for Sonny’s help in any way he could and made it clear she didn’t care if he used all his mafia power to get Liesl back in time to save Willow (Katelyn MacMullen).

Meanwhile, Michael (Chad Duell) and Willow were ready to turn in for the night after the ball was over, and she was upset she missed Magic Milo and the stripping. Michael then gave Willow an update on Liesl, saying her vanishing trick looked all too real. Willow was also stunned to learn that Lucy was alive and that Sonny saved her. She then did her best to convince Michael that Sonny wasn’t all bad and that sometimes you have to forget past mistakes, so Michael asked her if that same rule applied to Nina. Willow admitted that she did hold Nina’s past against her, but was still grateful that Nina is the one who found her a bone marrow donor.

GH Recap: Victor Has His Nephews On The Haunted Star

Portia (Brook Kerr) was concerned when she made her way to Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) dorm room, and Trina was nowhere to be found. Josslyn soon showed up and was nice enough to invite Portia in. As Portia tried to leave, Josslyn suggested she stay just to see what Trina’s reaction was when she got there, so Potia took the opportunity to look through Trina’s things and came across a book with an inscription from Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez). Joss then assured Portia that Spencer would never purposely hurt Trina again, but Portia didn’t seem satisfied. After Portia left, Joss waited for Trina so they could go to a party, but Trina never arrived.

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Spencer was alarmed when The Haunted Star began moving, and he demanded to know where Victor was taking him. Victor remained mum and insisted that the boat was seaworthy, but Spencer wasn’t so sure. He even told Victor he would swim for the shore if Victor didn’t let him go, but as he tried to leave the boat, Victor’s goon stopped him with a gun.

Spencer finally realized he was being kidnapped, but Victor insisted he was just trying to save him from himself. Victor told Spencer he felt Spencer was different from Nikolas and wanted his loyalty. Spencer soon decided Laura must have been right about how evil Victor is, especially when a woman appeared holding Ace.

That’s when Spencer knew he and his brother were in some serious trouble. He knew there was no way Esme would hand over that baby voluntarily. Spencer wanted off the boat more than ever, so Victor asked him if it was Trina who was stopping him from wanting to leave town. Spencer finally offered to allow Victor to take him anywhere as long as he let Ace go home, but Victor told Spencer that both he and his brother were already home.

At Ace’s real home, Laura (Genie Francis) couldn’t believe her eyes when she found Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) unconscious on the floor. Poor Esme was in a panic when she woke and remembered what happened — she opened the door to a man who took Ace and then knocked her out. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) then arrived at the scene of the crime. Esme insisted that Nikolas had someone take Ace, but Laura wasn’t so sure as she convinced Esme to get checked out at GH. Once alone, Laura told Dante she feared Victor was the culprit and called Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) to check on Esme.

Later, Laura recognized Victor’s goon Ambrose on the security footage while Esme had nightmares about what happened to her son.

General Hospital Recap: Valentin Is In His Feels

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was going crazy at GH due to how helpless he felt about Anna, but at least the people who once hated him like Robert (Tristan Rogers), Felicia (Kristina Wagner), and Jordan (Tanisha Harper), were there to offer him words of support. Felicia assured Jordan that Mac (John J. York) wasn’t in on any of this, but Jordan was not happy to learn she was kept out of the loop — especially when it came to the mayor and deputy mayor being part of this crazy Bring Down Victor plan. Valentin didn’t care about any of that as he burst into tears, but Jordan kept on with the questions and soon learned what really happened with Holly (Emma Samms), too.

At least Felicia thought of the crying Valentin and tried to offer him comfort as he told her that coming in contact with his toxic family could be what killed Anna. He blamed himself, but Felicia assured him that he was different and that Anna loved him and would fight to get back to him. When Charlotte arrived, Valentin took her in his arms and was relieved to at least be reunited with his daughter. Charlotte immediately knew her grandfather was the one who hurt Anna. Valentin later told Robert he wanted Victor dead and would dig a hole himself and bury his father with his bare hands.

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