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Nina Reeves Realizes Her Revenge Move May End Up Hurting Willow

The GH recap for May 1, 2023, has a bitter realization for Nina.

nina reeves talks with sonny in the general hospital recap for may 1, 2023.Nina Reeves realizes she blew it on General Hospital.

The General Hospital recap features Nina Reeves getting an update about what happened at the wedding with Carly from Sonny and realizing she messed up even bigger than she thought.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also, in this episode, Laura proved why she should always be a huge part of any mission to bring down a Cassadine, Scott proved to be a complete nuisance, Holly proved she can still solve a problem like Scott, and Valentin proved he can be selfless after all. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

General Hospital Recap: Sonny Plays Let’s Make A Deal

Sonny (Maurice Benard) stopped the delivery and wanted to talk about the last deal he did for Pikeman in which he was ambushed. He let them know that whoever did was trying to screw with them. Sonny asked about the cargo, and the men for Pikeman said it was a third party. Sonny doubted they were moving guns, but something bigger. They allowed Brick (Stephen A Smith) to examine it, and he said it was a powerful explosive that one brick could take out an entire city block. Sonny told them he felt he was the one taking all the risks. Sonny said they could use his docks this time, but they must renegotiate the deal. He wants info on who was behind the ambush. With that, he left Brick in charge of handling the rest. He told Dex (Evan Hofer) to make sure the cash exchange went smoothly. Dex kept an eye on his hidden camera. Brick warns Dex not to trust anyone but Sonny. “Even you?” Brick let him know, especially him.

General Hospital Recap: Nina Reeves Gets A Wake-up Call

Nina (Cynthia Watros) met with Martin (Michael E. Knight) at The Metro Court and asked about his mom. He wanted to know what was so important he had to see her straight from the airport. She asked him to call off the SEC on Carly. He told her it was too late, and he wondered why the second thoughts. He let her know he heard Carly was brought in for questioning. There was nothing they could do. Martin pointed out she didn’t make Drew and Carly commit insider trading. She just reported it. Nina left to meet Sonny at his office, per his request. She asked about the wedding, and he told her about the SEC. He told her about Drew wanting to save Liesl for Willow, making Nina’s guilt even worse. Sonny said the person who tipped off the SEC hurt Willow in addition to Carly and Drew.

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Carly arrived with apologies at the Quartermaine estate. Michael was sure it was Ned who had given her up. She told them that Sonny had shown up and got them distracted. Willow decided that meant they were all still important to Sonny. Carly said that Sonny’s worried about both of them. Michael said Drew is the one making it happen, not Sonny, and Willow again said Sonny provided the decoy to give Drew time — that should count. Michael continued to insist it was Ned (Wally Kurth), even though Willow wasn’t so sure. Carly realized everyone tried to warn her against investigating — it was all her fault. Willow and Michael told her, of course not, and then everyone decided it was time to call it a night. Michael got a text from Dex about the deal that went down.

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Victor Gets A New Test Subject

Liesl (Kathleen Gati) told Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) the antigen was sound, but the antidote was less certain, so those he wants to save may perish. She said it may take time, and he pointed out that her great-niece Willow doesn’t have time. She asked if it was a threat, and he pointed out the obvious. If the antidote is delayed, so is her return. She wanted to know if he promised to release her, and he said one way to find out. They were then interrupted by news of an intruder.

That intruder was Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), who gave himself up, claimed he was alone, and was there to see his father in order to protect Laura (Genie Francis), Drew (Cameron Mathison), and Curtis (Donnell Turner). Victor yelled for them to bring Valentin to him. Liesl teased Victor about the surprise, and Victor ordered his men to search more — there was no way his son came alone. Liesl tried to explain to Victor that she needed more things to make it work. But she needed time. She tried to tell him it was doomed. She thought it was time to regroup and leave. He said he needed to reevaluate parts of his plan. He said he still held all the cards, including her.

Curtis was the first to move, gun in hand, to see if they were safe. He wanted a two-pronged approach to getting the hostages on the Haunted Star. Laura said they needed to give Victor what he was looking for — Valentin’s accomplice. She wants to be the sacrificial lamb. Curtis promised he wouldn’t let her down. She said she’d go with Drew to keep Victor busy as they heard a walkie-talkie. So, Laura pretended to be injured and happy to see the guards, who wanted to know how she got there. Once she had an arm of each (for support), she told the guys, “Now boys!” Drew and Curtis charged them. They switched outfits, and Drew tied up Laura’s hands, knowing that having her as his captive was the only way they were getting past the guards.

GH Recap: Throwing Robert A Bone

Back in Port Charles, Anna (Finola Hughes) and Holly (Emma Samms) were interrupted by Scott (Kin Shriner). Robert (Tristan Rogers) joined them and realized Scott overheard 10 minutes ago about the pathogen, and they asked if he’d done anything about it. He said no, but he was furious, thinking they weren’t trying to save Liesl. He tried to twist their arm into telling the WSB, not realizing that would seal her fate.

As Scott threatened them, Holly came from behind with chloroform and knocked him out. Holly said it was time they all got on the next plane for Greenland. Robert said he was ready as Anna started stripping her arm of its medical attachments, saying she was ready too. She almost doubled over, and Robert tried to talk her out of going. Holly wondered if she was up to it. The women apologized for leaving him a mess in the form of Scott, but Robert acknowledged he’d been cleaning up their messes for years. Still, the proffered smooches from the ladies were welcomed.

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