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Monica Grants Epiphany Johnson’s Last Wish For Liz

The GH recap for March 29, 2023, has Port Charles citizens honoring Epiphany.

the general hospital recap for march 29, 2023, has epiphany johnson being rememberedEpiphany passed the torch to Elizabeth.

The General Hospital recap features a sweet farewell to Epiphany Johnson, who was taken from the Port Charles and soap opera world way too soon.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Epiphany’s friends and loved ones gathered at GH to pay their respects and honor the hospital’s long-time head nurse. Elizabeth learned just how Epiphany died being a hero as others like Marshall, Milo, Felix, and Deanna all mourned her loss. Anna was thrilled when Emma arrived in town to represent her family at the memorial and Liz was later in a puddle of tears when she learned of one of Epiphany’s last wishes. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

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Port Charles Mourns Epiphany Johnson

Ther sadness throughout GH and especially at the nurses’ station was palpable as staff remembered Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) and all that she meant to them on this solemn day when she was remembered. Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) were there recalling others who passed away at the wall of photos, while Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) cried by himself in the locker room. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) brought flowers into the chapel to help set up for the memorial as Laura (Genie Francis) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) met up outside.

As Elizabeth and Finn (Michael Easton) tried to piece together what happened to their friend, we learned that Epiphany had stopped to help out at an accident on the side of the road. Soon, the person who Epiphany saved introduced herself to Liz and explained what really happened. The woman (played by Sonya Eddy’s good friend, Yvette Nicole Brown) was a nurse at Johns Hopkins and hit a utility pole on the way home during a storm. Of course, Epiphany stopped to help her. Later, the woman learned Epiphany collapsed at the accident site and Elizabeth explained that her friend had a heart condition.

GH Recap: Emma Returns As Friends Gather

Anna (Finola Hughes) was in tears at the safe house but was overcome with joy when Felicia (Kristina Wagner) showed up with Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) in tow. It turned out that Robin and Patrick couldn’t make it, but a now-grown college-age Emma booked herself a flight to represent her family at the memorial. When Felicia finally brought Emma to GH, she had a tender reunion with Grandpa Robert.

Marshall (Robert Gossett), Curtis (Donnell Turner), and Portia (Brook Kerr) got ready at home and Portia recalled helping Epiphany study for the MCATS. Marshall relayed how scared Epiphany was and blamed himself for Epiphany taking off to Johns Hopkins, where she died. Portia assured him that Epiohany was happy when she died and it wasn’t his fault.

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Carly (Laura Wright) brought Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) to pay her respects despite her bone marrow transplant being days away. However, she credited Epiphany for being the one to help her make the decision to go to nursing school. We also saw how thrilled Nina (Cynthia Watros) was when Liesl (Kathleen Gati) told her she was cleared to donate. Liesl had no intention of going to Epiphany’s memorial but when Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) arrived with special instructions from her client’s will, Liesl knew what she had to do.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) expressed his own grief to Milo (Drew Cheetwood) while on the roof of the hospital, as Milo also remembered the woman he loved. They broke up several years ago, but it was on good terms and her death had Milo in tears. Soon, Sonny and Nina ran into one another and shared a few stolen moments. Sonny reminded Nina that they needed to be careful as life can be too short. Nina countered him with the idea that life is too short not to be with the people they love so she accompanied him to the memorial.

General Hospital Recap: Passing The Torch

Elizabeth was the first one to speak, calling Epiphany the glue of the hospital, as well as a magnificent human being. She spoke of how firm and tender she was, and how she always made sure her nurses took mental health days when they needed it. Epiphany was Liz’s mentor and best friend and she was grateful to have her in her life.

Portia and Deanna (Dioni Michelle Collins) were the next staff members to pay tribute and then came Sonny. He remembered how Epiphany was there for him as his physical therapist when he was paralyzed and as a support system when Mike was dying of Alzheimer’s. Even young Emma got up to say some words about the woman she had known since she was a small child.

When the memorial was over, Diane announced that Epiphany’s will had instructed her to get everyone up to the roof. That was where she read a note from Epiphany, who wanted to celebrate her life rather than knowing everyone was in tears. Soon, we saw Liesl doing what she was told to do as she set off fireworks in Epiphany’s honor — since she wanted to go out with a bang.

Elizabeth stayed behind in the chapel where she got a call from Monica (Leslie Charleson), who couldn’t make the memorial because she was out of town. However, Monica had the letter Epiphany had written for the ethics committee, in which she explained that Liz made a snap decision when she decided to care for Esme at Nikolas’s request. It may have not been the right decision but she took accountability. She also wrote that it was always her intention that Elizabeth be named head nurse when she left for medical school. Monica told Elizabeth she was going to make that recommendation to the board because a Hardy-March leading the nursing staff was exactly what General Hospital needed.

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