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Martin Grey Gets The Shock of His Life From A Very Alive Lucy Coe

The GH recap for January 27 2023, features Marty finally getting to see his lady love is alive!

general hospital recap martin grey is reunited with lucy, and anna thanks to felicia and robertAnna, Felicia, Robert, Martin, and Lucy

The General Hospital recap features a lovesick Martin Grey getting a sexy surprise, a couple of Cassadines getting bad news, a couple waking up to each other for the first time, another couple worrying about the end, and so much more.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In addition to Martin (Michael E. Knight) and his reunion with supposedly dead people, Ava staked her claim, Laura delivers bad news to a furious Victor and shocked Alexis, Willow has a big decision to make (and it appears she finally made the smart choice), and Nina is surprised by what she sees. Now let’s take a deeper dive into what happened.

Martin Grey Gets A Shock

Martin (Michael E. Knight) was fetched by Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Robert (Tristan Rogers). They brought him, blindfolded, to a safe house where he was reunited with Lucy (Lynn Herring). Martin was happy it was over, but Valentin said no — there was the matter of his being dead. Lucy and Martin went for some alone time, leaving the others to discuss what to do next. The two got real about their feelings.

Anna (Finola Hughes) wasn’t sure she should come out of hiding just yet. Felicia said some others would be very upset (more on that later). Anna asked if Holly had been in touch, but Robert said no. Felicia was thrilled to have the gang back together. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) asked if that included him. Felicia said, as long as he doesn’t step out of line.

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Victor is furious when he gets a phone call about the catacombs’ collapse. He insists that a team be dispatched to find his son, and he doesn’t care how unstable it is — Valentin must be found. He cuts the call short when Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) approaches. She’s getting ready to meet with Laura but asks about Nikolas, and they discuss his unseemly behavior. He shocks her when he tells her Nik has turned over Spoon Island to Ava. Alexis thought it was out of character for Nik. Laura appeared and yelled at Victor that he’d gone too far this time — the Paris authorities notified her that Valentin was dead, shocking both Victor and Alexis. Valentin’s body was supposedly recovered, but the woman hadn’t been identified.

It turns out Alexis and Laura (Genie Francis) were read in on the plan — with Alexis going so far as to have a story in her paper about it. Alexis did her part, twisting the knife, as she commiserated with Victor, but he said he refused to believe it was true as the others started plotting how to make him unravel.

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GH Recap: With Life, There’s A Chance

Ava (Maura West) eyes her divorce papers but turns her attention to Nina (Cynthia Watros) when she enters, finally discussing her having a daughter. Instead, Nina rails about Carly, who will be forgiven for keeping the secret since she wasn’t a match. Nina said she won’t rest until Carly pays for what she did to her.

Ava tried to stop her from spiraling, wanting her to focus on Willow. A wise Ava said it’s easier to be mad at Carly than face the fear of losing another child. Nina cried that she couldn’t save her, but Ava pointed out there was still hope. Nina thought it was her only chance to have Willow want her in her life. Nina said she won’t survive losing Willow and Ava hugged her. Ava said as long as Willow’s alive there is hope for reconciliation. After Nina left, Ava placed a call to Demetrius and told him that she wanted Nikolas out of the house by the next day. She wouldn’t be moving in, though, just yet…she was still needed where she was.

General Hospital Recap: Holding Onto Hope

Carly (Laura Wright) woke up to Drew (Cameron Mathison) staring at her. They talked about keeping their feelings secret and not liking it. They admitted to loving…waking up with each other. Their mood was ruined by the news that Nina was not a match and Willow was running out of time.

Michael (Chad Duell) spent the night in Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) hospital room. Terry (Cassandra James) entered and learned Willow was still in pain. She suggested another stem cell source — the baby. Michael wanted to hear the doctor out. Willow didn’t want to risk anything happening to the baby. Terry said she asked her OB, who felt it was fine. Michael asked about the odds, and she said it was the best option.

Terry left them to talk, and Wiley came in (courtesy of Carly), hugging Willow. Carly and Michael stepped out, and Michael thanked her for bringing him. Carly thanked him for asking her to bring him — and hoped that meant they were okay. He said they would be eventually. He told her Terry’s news. Michael said he feared Willow might say no, but when they went back into the room, Willow said it was time for the baby to arrive. A relieved Carly ran into Drew, told him the good news, and they hugged — which a just arriving Nina saw.

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