GH Recap: Tracy Wants Lucy’s Other Most Prized Possession

Tracy Quartermaine drives a hard bargain.

the general hospital recap for september 23, 2023 has tracy and lucy negotiating.Tracy Quartermaine made Lucy an offer.

The General Hospital recap for September 13, 2023, features Lucy trying to negotiate with Tracy for everything she holds dear.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Lucy and Tracy battled it out some more for Deception while Brook Lynn apologized to Maxie for her bad deeds. Cody did his best to gently explain to Sasha what happened to her as it dawned on Dante that Gladys was behind everything. Sonny told Carly all about Ava’s Austin and Mason problems but left a key part out. And finally, Ava told Mason some lies to get herself off the hook. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital: Tracy Drives A Hard Bargain

Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Tracy (Jane Elliot) battled it out for Deception in the Quartermaine living room where Lucy still refused to give Tracy 75% of her company. The two women then began negotiating and settled on Lucy retaining 49% while Tracy gained 51% and controlling ownership. Lucy was fine with that until Tracy also told her she wanted Lucy’s long-held 1% voting share at ELQ. That was a bridge too far for Lucy so she stomped out and refused to make a deal.

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Tracy wasn’t deterred and felt that Lucy would give in eventually. She even told the person she was working with the same and invited her to visit Port Charles.

Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) enjoyed their first morning as roomies until an angry Maxie (Kirsten Storms) arrived and interrupted them. When Chase was gone, she laid into BLQ for her part in the Deceptor deception, and all Brook Lynn could do was explain her actions and apologize. Maxie didn’t want to hear it. She was hurt that her friend would do such a thing to her and wished she had come to her for help when Tracy made her demands. In the end, Maxie ended up firing Brook Lynn.

General Hospital Recap: Sasha Breathes Fresh Air

Cody (Josh Kelly) woke in the remote cabin to find Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) outside just taking in the fresh air. She seemed to be over her withdrawal symptoms but remained confused about what really happened to her. She insisted she had not slipped back into drug use and was amazed that Cody believed her. He then informed her that it was Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder) who was drugging her and it all went back to the anxiety medication he prescribed.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) tried to keep Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) mind off the fact that Cody absconded from Ferncliff with Sasha. However, when Dante mentioned that Cody assaulted Sasha’s psychiatrist, Dr. Montague, things started to make sense for Sam. She explained how she met Dr. Montague and saw he got a call from someone named Gladys. She now knew it was that Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) — the one she didn’t like.

After Sam explained that Dr. Montague also suggested Sam join a high-stakes poker game, Dante finally realized the truth about what Gladys did to Sasha. Sam did her best to get Dante not to beat himself up about taking this long to figure things out.

Over at the Port Charles Police Department, Mac (John J. York) was on the case but Jordan (Tanisha Harper) wanted answers. How can Sonny be set free and Ferncliff lose two patients all in 24 hours? Add to that, the FBI agent in Sonny’s case wanted to talk with Mac about Sonny — and the son he has on the force, alerting them that he wanted Dante iced out of the investigation.

GH Recap: Sonny Tells Carly (Almost) All Of Ava’s Business

Sonny (Maurice Benard) stopped by Carly’s (Laura Wright) to assure her that all was right in his world and his arrest was just a mix-up. Carly knew that wasn’t true and demanded to know what was really going on. He explained that coffee was in that shipment but Carly knew he doesn’t receive coffee late at night on the pier. She quickly figured out Sonny set the whole thing up to suss out his latest enemy. This only made Carly more alarmed.

Surprisingly, Sonny told Carly everything, including how Ava (Maura West) was a part of this mess. At least he left the part out about Ava allegedly killing Nikolas (Adam Huss). He also asked for Carly’s help. He wanted her to use Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) incarceration to figure out exactly who Austin delivered that flash drive to in Pentonville.

Mason (Nathanyael Grey) once again stood in Ava’s gallery with a lollipop taunting her with the lie that he had Nikolas’s body and could send her to jail at any time. He was absolutely furious with her now that he knew the information Betty found was a false lead. He rightfully accused her of telling Sonny the truth. Ava completely denied his accusations and still wanted to know when she’d see Nik’s body.

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