Fickle Josslyn Jacks Is Now Happy Dex Is Working For Sonny

The GH recap for June 8, 2023, has Josslyn no longer apoplectic about Dex working for Sonny.

the general hospital recap for june 8 2023 has josslyn jacks find with dex's line of work.Josslyn Jacks accepts Dex's choice.

The General Hospital recap features Josslyn Jacks frantic about Dex being trapped as the episode began and fine with being ‘trapped’ when the show ended.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Josslyn decided to accept Dex’s decision. Little did they know, Carly had another idea for Dex’s life. Nina chased Ned to make sure he didn’t tell anyone about her SEC tip, but things got chaotic from there. Sonny and Anna bonded over their past mistakes as Anna feared having to explain her DVX life to the people who love her. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Josslyn Jacks Changed Her Tune

Josslyn (Eden McCoy) lamented to Dex (Evan Hofer) that their lives were now ruined because Carly stomped on the flash drive with the video of the Pikeman deal. Dex didn’t care because he was determined to be the best employee Sonny (Maurice Benard) ever had, so he never suspected why Dex wanted to work for him in the first place. Josslyn couldn’t believe he was fine with working for Sonny, but Dex was pragmatic about it. He also didn’t think he had the option to leave.

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Oddly, Josslyn told him he could ask Sonny to let him go, something she had known for weeks while insisting sticking Sonny in jail was their only option. All Dex had to do was tell Sonny that he wanted out, but Dex admitted he didn’t want out. He wanted to stay in Port Charles because it felt like home. Josslyn pointed out that he didn’t have to work for Sonny to stay in town, but Dex couldn’t think of anything else he wanted to do. After all, he had no college credits and didn’t want any.

Plus, the only bad thing he ever saw Sonny do was hang him from a meathook, so no harm, no foul. However, he would quit if it was the only way Josslyn would stay with him. So, Josslyn figured, sure, work for Sonny. Apparently, all that crying over Dex being trapped in a mobster’s life was for nothing.

General Hospital: Carly Is About To Give Josslyn Jacks Another Shock

Carly (Laura Wright) and Michael (Chad Duell) met up in the GH staircase, and she asked him if he’d put the life of someone he loved in Dex’s hands. This excited Michael because he thought that meant Carly was going to use the flash drive to bring down Sonny and save herself. Within a minute, he was furious because Carly told him that she had smashed the flash drive, so that was that. Carly had a much better use for Dex, so Michael gave her a positive assessment of his hire.

It turned out Carly truly wanted Dex to be the new Jason (and Josslyn to be the new Carly?) and become Sonny’s protector, but he would still be on Michael’s payroll. Dex was to report to Michael if there was any trouble in the organization, and Michael would become a one-man advisory board on how to solve Sonny’s problems. Michael remained confused about why she wouldn’t send Sonny to jail to save herself, but Carly once again explained that the SEC issue was her problem and not Sonny’s. She also had to reiterate that everyone would be in danger if Sonny went to jail since Michael didn’t seem to understand this the first time she said it.

In the end, Carly was curious if Dex would accept Michael’s proposal and was fine if he didn’t and just decided to leave town. That would prove he wasn’t serious about Josslyn.

General Hospital: Ned Ends Up In The Pool

Nina (Cynthia Watros) began to freak out as soon as Ned (Wally Kurth) told her he knew she was the one who tipped off the SEC about Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Carly’s insider trading shenanigans. Nina denied all wrongdoing, but Ned was relentless and reminded her that she and Sonny would be through if he ever found out what she did. He even told her she was better off without Sonny. Nina countered that they were engaged, but Ned assured her there would be no happily ever after. When Ned heard that Tracy (Jane Elliot) shut down the pool to talk to Drew, he took off, and Nina followed close behind.

Drew and Tracy met up at the pool, where he told her he was considering blackmail because he knew Tracy had coerced Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) to work for Deception once again. Drew then informed an amused Tracy that nobody would know what she was doing to Brook Lynn if she would tell Ned to inform the SEC he was wrong despite the SEC doing their own investigation.

Just then, Ned ran into the pool area to tell Drew about Nina, but he tripped over a towel and fell into the pool. When Drew fished him out, Ned was unconscious with a gash on his head. Tracy called 911 while Nina lurked in a corner where nobody could see her. She then went to his office a frantic mess and tried to keep a straight face when an oblivious Sonny arrived.

Brook Lynn and Chase (Josh Swickard) sat down for dinner at the Metro Court, and he announced he wanted them to go camping. Brook Lynn was horrified at the thought despite how appealing Chase tried to make it sound. All she wanted to do was go to some nightclubs and hear some live music. Chase had to ask why she returned to work for Deception rather than pursue her music management dreams. She explained that she was needed at Deception, but she’d still do music on the side. Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) then joined them to hear all about Chase’s new truck, but they were soon horrified when she learned what happened to her husband.

When Chase, Brook Lynn, and Olivia got the pool, Tracy used her son’s plight to get Ned off her case for blackmailing Brook Lynn and accused Drew of pushing Ned into the pool.

General Hospital Recap: Anna Is A Mess

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) called Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) down to the Port Charles Police Department to tell him he needed his help with Anna (Finola Hughes). He wanted insight into Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) and to know if he could have planted information in her file and leaked it to the media.

Sonny paid a visit to Anna and offered her support, but she thought he would call her a hypocrite for being a DVX double agent all those years ago. But Sonny was there to sympathize over media headlines through the years and how much they hurt him, especially the ones describing Lily and Morgan’s deaths. He definitely understood how Anna was feeling, and he wasn’t about to judge her actions because he didn’t want to be judged. Anna was still torn up over the mistakes she made and in pain because those mistakes had come back to haunt her.

Sonny admitted to doing terrible things too but did not want to be judged for his worst actions for the rest of his life. He also had nothing but praise for Anna and said he would always consider her his friend.

Valentin was the next to stop by Anna’s place and discuss what happened. A distraught Anna explained she wasn’t afraid to face Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) about her DVX days because they already knew. Instead, she feared her grandchildren would look at her differently.

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