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Curtis Ashford Looks On As Trina Reunites With Her Parents

The GH recap for May 10, 2023, has a tender family reunion.

the general hospital recap for may 10 2023 has curtis ashford watching trina with her family.Trina Robinson embraces her folks and leaves Curtis behind.

The General Hospital recap features Curtis Ashford returning from Greenland just to feel left out.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Portia and Taggert were thrilled to have Trina home safely. On the plane back, Spencer vowed to get custody of Big Baby Ace while Laura wondered what her life would be like with no more evil Cassadines. Ned continued to defend himself to Drew but his wife didn’t even believe he didn’t call the SEC. At least Drew was happy to kiss Carly in public. Finally, a sick Maxie asked Sasha to do a major favor for Deception. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Curtis Ashford Faces The Future

Taggert (Réal Andrews) finally showed up to support Portia (Brook Kerr) through Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) ordeal and all Portia wanted to talk about was getting Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) out of Trina’s life. Taggert wisely told Portia that it wasn’t the time to lay into Trina about the Spencer situation but that wasn’t going to delay Portia for long. She remained determined to keep Spencer and Trina apart and certainly didn’t want Trina to help Spencer raise Ace. Taggert did his best to calm his ex-wife down and reminded her that Trina was now an adult and they couldn’t tell her what to do anymore.

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On the plane, Trina rested on Spencer’s shoulder with Baby Ace looking on. Spencer explained how he got off The Haunted Star in time. When he heard the drones, he knew he had to leap overboard but could barely move. When he heard Trina’s voice calling him an idiot and telling him to jump, that is exactly what he did. But he also saw her face and knew he had to get back to her as he swam to shore. It was thoughts of Trina that kept him going in the cold waters.

Trina admitted that something inside her told her that she had to follow him onto the boat after the Nurses Ball and was glad she did so she could help rescue him and Ace. All Spencer wanted was to protect Ace and give him a chance to grow up being a normal kid, something he never had a chance to be. Spencer was more determined than ever to be Ace’s guardian when they got home.

General Hospital Recap: Curtis Ashford Is There For Laura

Laura (Genie Francis) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) went over everything that happened and Laura wondered if she and Trina would both have psychological scars from their ordeal. Laura admitted she had been dealing with the Cassadine clan since she was Trina’s age, but it didn’t make things any easier. For 40 years, Laura has carried her feelings for the Cassadines with her and she was no longer sure what to do with them gone and The Haunted Star going up in flames. She wondered how the rest of her life would go without the weight of the Cassadines on her shoulders.

Curtis then caught Laura up on his own life with Portia and Trina, and Laura had some good advice. Be more forgiving because everyone has indiscretions in life. When they finally arrived in Port Charles, they headed to the hospital. Trina ran right into Portia’s arms and Taggert joined them while Curtis looked on from afar, feeling like the odd man out.

GH Recap: At Least Brook Lynn Has Faith In Ned

Ned (Wally Kurth) could barely believe it when Drew (Cameron Mathison) swooped into the Quartermaine living room and promptly decked him. At least Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) was worried about the husband she had been berating all morning. Ned was forced o defend himself some more but Drew wasn’t buying it and called his cousin a disgusting coward. He then chastised Olivia for caring about Ned because she should be on Carly’s (Laura Wright) side.

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Ned rightly pointed out that Carly and Drew did indeed commit a crime, but he was certainly not the one who tipped off the SEC. This just made Drew angrier, so he stormed out but Tracy (Jane Elliot) followed him to thank him for his actions saving Willow and avenging Luke (Tony Geary) in Greenland. She also wondered who the SEC might be after — was it him or Carly? She then suggested that Carly give the feds info on Sonny to save her own self.

Inside, Ned was still hurt that his wife and daughter didn’t believe him. Olivia promised to stand by Ned, but she still didn’t believe him, even when he swore on Lila’s memory. When Olivia left the room, Ned was relieved to hear that at least Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) was coming around and realized he was not the informant.

Drew ran to see Carly at the hospital and informed her that he decked Ned. Drew found it so weird that Ned just kept denying any wrongdoing but they couldn’t think of anyone else who would have told. At least Drew found an upside to the situation. He and Carly could now go public with their relationship.

General Hospital Recap: Maxie’s Big Ask, Holly’s Confession

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was ready for another Deception spot on the Home and Hearth channel despite a sinus infection. Felicia (Kristina Wagner) wanted her to stay home but Maxie felt they had to rescue Deception’s reputation on the home shopping circuit. Maxie finally conceded that she couldn’t go on TV looking and feeling the way she did so she asked Sasha to return to the scene of her breakdown last year and be the one to represent Deception.

Since Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) wanted to be there for Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and support her through her transplant, Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) did her best to cancel that trip she planned on Sasha’s dime but found out it was non-refundable. Sasha was busy having a chat with Carly, but when Gladys told her that the hotel manager wanted to charge her more to reschedule, Sasha said to just book a new trip anyway and turned to Carly to wonder what she would ever do without Gladys. Carly admitted she was concerned about Gladys being her guardian but all Sasha could do was sing her mother-in-law’s praises.

Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) was stunned to see Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Holly (Emma Samms) kissing in his office. When she made her presence known, Holly confessed that she was being impulsive when she kissed Robert because she was coming down off the high of saving the world. When Diane went to leave, Robert tried to stop her, so she stayed and Holly left.

Once alone, all Diane wanted were answers and Robert didn’t really have any. So, Diane just put it bluntly and told Robert she will not compete with Holly. Little did both of them know that Holly was off with Felicia telling her that she still wanted to be with Robert.

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