Cameron Webber Bid Goodbye To His Family

The GH recap for March 30, 2023, has another emotional Port Charles farewell.

the general hospital recap for march 30, 2023 has cameron webber leaving townElizabeth and Cameron said goodbye.

The General Hospital recap features Cameron Webber spending his last moment before Stanford with the people he loves.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Elizabeth threw a goodbye breakfast for Cameron leaving everyone emotional. Laura was both choked up about Cam and about knowing Eileen had drowned after Dex and Sonny came across her body. Anna and Valentin figured out Victor was onto them. Spencer then decided to conspire with Victor after a morning with Esme and Ace at the hospital. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Cameron Webber Makes Us All Cry

It was time for Cam’s (William Lipton) big going-away breakfast with Liz (Rebecca Herbst), Finn (Michael Easton), Laura (Genie Francis), Violet (Jophielle Love), and his brothers. It was a warm family get-together and Cam was nearly moved to tears. Elizabeth had to leave the room because she was so choked up and didn’t even know if she’d have the strength to say goodbye.

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Laura and Cam shared a very special goodbye, and later Cam was choked up when Violet and his brothers presented him with artwork of their family. The brothers then shared a wonderful farewell and Cam had to reassure them he wasn’t leaving for good and would be back by summer.

However, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Elizabeth and Cam had their time alone. He said he couldn’t leave because she needed him, as did Aiden and Jake. Elizabeth assured him that it was time to live his own life. Yes, he has been her rock, but he needed to step up for himself now and follow his dreams. She would be heartbroken to no longer have her firstborn with her but she wanted Cameron to be himself and be happy.

GH Recap: Trouble For Vanna And Trouble From Spencer

Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) were surprised to see Drew (Cameron Mathison) show up at the safe house to tell them that Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) has disappeared. He never returned to the Metro Court, and Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) told him that Victor checked out. Vanna realized that Victor was onto them and that made them start wondering what really happened to Eileen (Heather Mazur). Anna was furious and frantic, thinking that maybe Eileen did not leave town on her own accord. Drew checked out her apartment, and after finding her abandoned dog, he realized she never made any preparations to take off.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Dex (Evan Hofer) met with Selina (Lydia Look) on the pier and learned that a bartender at the Highsider recognized the gunman and could lead Selina’s men to a hotel that they then searched. She even brought a bag of the shooter’s belongings to the meeting as she offered more assistance if needed. As Sonny and Dex were leaving the pier, Dex spotted a body in the water and jumped in to find a dead Eileen.

Laura and Jordan (Tanisha Harper) arrived on the scene, and it was clear Laura felt guilt about what happened. Sonny already guessed that Victor had something to do with this mess. Laura had to do her job, so she sent Sonny to the safe house to deliver the news about Eileen to Anna and Valentin. He was surprised to see Drew there but didn’t ask any questions.

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and a frantic Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) arrived at the hospital with Ace, who Esme insisted was sick. She demanded medical attention for him immediately while Spencer tried to calm her down, but warned her he would not leave her alone with his brother for a minute. Spencer asked Esme when she will be able to give up her angelic mother act, and she was incredulous that he would even ask such a thing. Spencer pointed out that Esme may have lost her memory, but she did not lose her personality.

When Big Boy Ace was examined, we learned he gained two pounds and grew nearly an inch. While waiting for the doctor, Esme tried to get Spencer to let bygones be bygones and see that she changed, but he wasn’t buying it. Finally, Austin (Roger Howarth) arrived to check on Ace and Esme freaked out that Austin wouldn’t take care of her and Ace because her mother hooked him that night on Spoon Island. Of course, Austin wasn’t mad at her at all and did his job. It turned out Ace was just fine, and colic was the reason for his fussiness.

When Spencer wanted to leave before Esme did, she said she’d have to stop relying on people for everything, including rides. Therefore, she would find herself a job, which Spencer found to be laughable. He later met up with Victor and told him he is willing to work with him to get Ace away from Esme, who came face-to-face with Ava (Maura West) as she was ready to leave GH.

General Hospital Recap: Joss Told Trina A Sorta Truth

Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Joss (Eden McCoy) were preparing for their Nurses Ball performances when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) walked in and freaked out that they still needed to rehearse. Maxie began ranting about the rain and the late-running llama who may not make it to the ball in time but finally left the girls alone where they talked about boys.

Trina admitted she wasn’t going to the ball as Spencer’s official date, but would be happy to see him there. Trina said they are more than friends, but things are complicated thanks to Esme’s presence. Joss had to confess the truth about her life when Trina questioned her about her love life.

Yes, she has been seeing someone for a few months but allowed Trina to believe that she started seeing this new man after she broke up with Cam, which is clearly not true. She then lied and said that Trina didn’t know who the person was because she still delusionally believes Sonny will kill Dex if he ever found out Joss and Dex were dating. However, when Dex showed up to rehearse with the Magic Wands, Trina was easily able to guess who her friend was seeing.

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